CRYORIG Reveals XT140 and XF140 140 mm Fans

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Dec 25, 2008
While obvious to many of us, it should have been noted that these are 140mm-diameter fans with 120mm mounting holes, and that they are the exact same fans used on the R1-Universal CPU HS/Fan referenced in the article. (Two XF140's are used on the R1-Ultimate version.)

Not all the 140mm mounts in my systems have 120mm holes, unfortunately. And not all the 120mm mounts can accommodate 140mm-wide fans, either. It's unfortunate that these factors will limit the actual usability of these fans.

CRYORIG's website is rather barren of company info, and no retailers are listed in the "Where to buy" section. Many of the site's pages could certainly use a proofread and edit... Perhaps this is a European company and English isn't the founder's native language? (The writing actually reminded me of when I used to edit Wolfgang's articles here at Tom's... *sigh*)

While I don't really find 65 CFM @ 30 dBA out of a 140mm x 13mm fan all too impressive, thin 140mm fans are obviously lacking in the marketplace. A few companies have had thin 120mm fans with similar specs for years, so if CRYORIG can find a way to get 60+ CFM out of a 140mm fan that's 12- to 15mm-thick while coming in under 25 dBA, I'll be truly impressed... especially so if it's also able to provide respectable static pressure at the same time. (No static pressure ratings for these fans are shown on the CRYORIG website.)
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