Crysis and GTA4 Gaming Build


May 21, 2009
Hello Toms Community,

I wanted a better machine over my prebuilt old Dell computer which is so slow and obsolete. I have no experience what so ever for building computers, so I got my co-worker to help me pick out parts. He saids I pay him $1150 he'll build the computer, and install programs. Here is the system he is going to build me for Crysis and GTA4. How is it? Should I go with his plan? Here is the list of items he's chosen

Intel Celeron 430 1.8GHz Quad Core |what are cores?|

Jetway LGA775 G31 (Whats this?? :( )

Crucial Rendition 1GB DDR2 800 RAM

Western Digital 500GB Hard Disk

Asus Geforce by Nvidia 8400GS

Corsair hx1000w power pack

Asus 1920x1200 monitor

Rosewill case

worth it? Thanks
You are kidding right?

That fellow is NOT your friend, and that system will not run those titles at that resolution.

Furthermore, the cost of those parts comes to about 600 dollars, half of which is the power supply.... far more than would be needed.

I'll make a list of the right parts, but don't let that guy near them.
Widescreen monitor:
22" LG monitor

Cooler Master 690

CPU and MB:
AMD X4 940 and Gigabyte 790X
CPU cooler

CORES are the number of actual processors inside a CPU. The CPU you listed I don't think exists.

G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066

Power supply:
PC P&C 750W
This is all the power you need.

Video card:
EVGA GTX 260 overclocked

Hard drive:
WD Caviar Black 640GB

DVD Burner:

That should come to well under the quoted price. Build it yourself and tell that guy where to stick it ;)



May 21, 2009
Thank you for the information Proximon, however I am still a total noob and need major help on building a whole computer myself :( . Also what is IGP?


Jan 17, 2009
IGP=Intergrated Graphics Processor.

Some motherboards have their own low-level graphic processing units,so that users who dont want to play games wont have to spend extra money.

btw I(and everyone here imo) agrees with Proximon:Stay away from this guy,the build that he has offered you is not even close to $1150
:O OMG Like Proximon said that guy is NOT AT ALL YOUR FRIEND...
I think he wants to make a big profit out of your ignorance in computers...
Actually even the system manufacturers out there like Dell/HP/...wont expect such high profit :p
So do yourself a help...start learning atleast little about computers, do more research on the parts, their prices and then go for the deal...
The parts that Proximon has given are all very good...and they should be a good reference for you...
make a big profit? sound more like he is a bigger noob than the OP i don't even think they ever made a quad core Celeron and even if they did i am sure it would only have 2 functioning cores just because a celeron is usually a defective Intel core or Pentium. and CPU. i mean there wasn't even a graphics card mentioned in that list he gave you and even if that motherboard (if he did mention one) did have its own graphics chip it wouldn't even be able to run those games

just read the guides the others mentioned and you'll have better knowledge of computers then your co-worker has

I hope that co-worker of his isn't running the IT department there cause they are in so much trouble :)


May 21, 2009
Thanks for the advice guys, I've already looked at some computer building guides and honestly easier than expected, but I'm still a noob :lol:

Can anyone help me configure conponents for a computer that will come up to around $1100? Thanks!

PS: That guy is such get it :lol:


Mar 27, 2009

If I were you I will build the system by yourself and the money you save. Buy a gun and kill your co-worker. :pfff:

The list I gave you comes to US $1060 before shipping but also before rebates. It's only lacking a keyboard and mouse. :)


Feb 26, 2009
Jesus lol, what a build . Plz dude go hit ure "friend" right in the kisser, and i mean really hard. +1 from me to ...

Besides being a jackass , hes noob also, 1000W Power suply for 8400GS wtf, u can do a 10x8400GS SLI config with that PSU :D ... that would be something.

Also +1 go with Proximon`s build.

:))quad celeron :))


May 21, 2009
Thanks for the reassurance, I think he just got fired today too. ;) I've ordered the parts for Proximon's list and wish me luck on this build! Also do I need extram thermal paste? Also what is overclock?
The CPU cooler I linked comes with good paste. One of the reasons I recommend it for AMD builds.

Overclocking is when you increase the speed of the CPU beyond what it would normally do. You will have all the right equipment for that, but it's something to worry about only after you get everything together and working well.

This list will help you avoid the biggest build mistakes:
^+1 for Proximon's build...they have the best value and high rated components around...And dont forget to check the article that he has specified...and do a lot of research before you start your build...
Actually it would be nice if you have another computer connected to the Internet around while building as it would help clear any doubts that arises when you build the PC...