Question ctrl + alt + left click stopped working


Mar 11, 2014
Hi, me again. I am now facing another problem. I am a 3d artist, who uses a program called Blender. This app has its own input shortcuts to allow you to access certain tools more quickly, and I am facing a problem with one particular keyboard and mouse shortcut. The shortcut is, ctrl + alt + left click. This problem started this afternoon, and instead of giving me the tool, it temporarily enables the Windows narrator. However, when going to the narrator settings, it says that the narrator is turned off. I tried checking to see if Windows configuration is backward, meaning having the toggle set to OFF means that the feature is on, and switching the narrator toggle to ON would shut it off. However, switching the toggle to on, actually causes you to hear 2 narrators running at the same time.
I am posting my question here, instead of The Blender community forums, because I know for sure that this is a Windows issue since it is happening in all of my Apps. I have searched high and low on my system, including ease of access, keyboard settings, and my mouse settings, and none of the settings are different from how they were set in the past. This is really annoying me because the shortcut is heavily used in many situations, and I do not think I should have to remap this shortcut in Blender since it was just working fine earlier this morning.

Does anyone know how I can stop this behavior?