CUDA Cores vs CPU Cores


Jan 28, 2008
Hi everyone. I am just learning of Nvidia Cuda Cores, and have a few questions that I couldn't seem to find anywhere.

I am still using my dual core PC that I built a few years ago, but I am now getting back into Video Editing. I use Vegas Pro 12 to edit, and have been reading a lot of things about how Vegas can utilize your Nvidia Cuda cores to render video, instead of your CPU.

I plan on upgrading my computer within the next few months to an 8 core one. Question I have is, is there some type of chart comparing how many Cuda cores would be equivalent to a certain processor? I was looking at some of these Higher Cuda core cards like this one. - 1344 Cuda cores

Now I don't understand if this will be quicker than an 8 core, if I used the graphic rendering function or would the CPU be quicker?

I was trying to see if there was a chart or something that showed something like


Maybe I've got the whole concept wrong, idk


Vegas pro will use the nVidia card's processing power to editing videos rendering, etc. the job will be divided between the CPU and the GPU.
It is better to upgrade both your CPU and GPU for optimal performance. Like a $150 i5 processor and a GTX 660TI $160.
You won't the type of chart you are looking for but here's a link where it is explained in great detail
The graphics cards CUDA only assists the CPU when rendering, it doesn't take on the load itself. CPU performance will be a bigger factor than the graphics cards compute capabilities.

Buy a graphics card for its gaming performance, not compute. If you only need compute performance, you should be looking into workstation cards like the Quadro, Firepro and Tesla series. Or ditch the GPU entirely and invest it into a stronger CPU (a 3770k) and faster storage system.
^ wrong

if you use premiere and After effect, you might want to know about MPE

they favors NVIDIA DDR5 card
read here about mercury playback engine used by Pr and AE

radeon has no slight chance because of adobe-nvidia monopoly