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  1. C

    Question What kind of servers are companies like open AI, Google and Apple running their AI on ?

    Are they running nvidia CPUs only? AMD or intel? Who makes the motherboards. Heck, even a link to a server being sold on newegg would probably be sufficient.
  2. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] Home Server Suggestions

    Hi everyone, First of all, please forgive me if this is the wrong section to post this in. I'm looking to make my home network more secure and I'd like to buy a fairly cheap server on which I could do virtualization, host my own website, host my home network files (FTP?) and maybe even my very...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Should I and how to update my BIOS

    I've heard updating my Gigabyte BIOS could fix problems I'm having but I've heard it's risky so I'm wondering how to do it and if I should use their website or app (where the servers for the update are all in asia which I'm guessing is fine). My version is F2 from 2013 and the newest one is F7...
  4. tgSparc

    [SOLVED] Random disconnects from game servers without network background activity.

    So this little thing is driving me crazy, for the past few weeks I've been unable to game on my desktop because I will disconnect from every game 5-10 minutes in (LoL, SC2, Warzone..). I tried just about anything, nothing seemed to work. Untill today, when I left a twitch stream open and tried...
  5. I

    [SOLVED] Is it easier to put servers for mobile games?

    I have noticed that some mobile games have south african servers compared to pc? why?
  6. Munchos

    Question Me and a friend cannot connect to each others multiplayer servers, but we can both connect to a server hosted by another friend.

    I am trying to host a server for Minecraft java edition, and all of my friends can join except for one. If that friend tries to host his own server everyone can join except me. If one of the other friends hosts everyone can join but ideally my friend that I can not connect with or I would be...
  7. Vitadek

    [SOLVED] Two Xeon e5530's versus one i5 6600k?

    So, I stumbled across two xeon e5530's. I already have a full build that's an i5-6600k and it serves me well with some light gaming (I have a 1060 3gb). However, I've had the computer for about 3 or 4 years and I wanted to do some content creation with possibly unity or blender. I'm also, trying...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Cannot connect to minecraft server without using a VPN.

    So my friend setup this minecraft server for my friends and I to join. He has done this multiple times in the past using the same IP, but this particular time I am unable to connect with my computer. I've tested this on a second computer on the same network and it did not work. When I enable...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Multiple Statip (public) configuration

    Hi everyone, newbie here. OK so I have a FTTC connection. I have purchased 4 static IP addresses from my ISP. So far so good. They did not give me any Subnet or DNS information, which I would assume is quite important. Also they offer the service but have no knowledge of configuration and no...
  10. Benkberg97

    [SOLVED] IPv6 Broke my DC?

    Hi all, I have a situation that others have had in the past, but I have tried many solutions to no avail. Basically, I am running a Windows Server 2019 DC, but Windows 10 Pro clients are unable to join or log on to the domain if IPv6 is enabled on the client. Running NSLOOKUP with IPv6 on...
  11. Penrose

    Question Question about servers

    So I downloaded Adobe Creative Cloud on Windows 10, and my school currently pays for all the software on our accounts associated with our given school emails. I wanted to use this on my PC, so I downloaded CC and logged in with my school email. After typing my school email and proceeding, it...
  12. rysani

    [SOLVED] Can use internet but can't play games

    As the title says I can browse internet but can't connect to online games like GameRanger, Age of empires (eso) and others. I need help with this its been more than a month I've not played my games due to this problem. Tried searching more than hundreds of fix's but that didn't solve any of my...
  13. abryant

    News ASRock Launches AM4 Motherboard for AMD Ryzen Workstations, Servers

    ASRock Rack, which is ASRock's server brand, has developed the new X470D4U motherboard for consumers who want to build a workstation or server around AMD's Ryzen processors. Read more here. ZHIYE LIU @zhiyeliu Zhiye Liu is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers CPU, GPU and...
  14. T

    Question cpu fan error?

    i just installed for the first time a cpu water cooler corsair hydro series h115i. And when i strated the computer i got i think 3 beeps and it says cpu fan error. it lets me boot the computer and i can see that the water cooler is working but the gpu fan is not running. when i started the...
  15. R

    [SOLVED] is it the GPU artifacting?

    So brand new pc Ive started to notice Right before it goes to the windows login screen green line artifacts that go horizontal across the screen only for a split second, ive done multiple boots and its progressively worse Should i be worried do i need to...
  16. Koreanpanda

    Question Help with 16 PCIE cable to PSU

    So I bought rtx 2080 and it needs 2 x6+2 cables and evga has total 14 so I bought a cable for pci e 2 x 6+2 and the cable doesn’t fit in PSU to VGA 2 or 3 it fits to CPU 2 can I plug in to CPU 2 ? And use it or do I have to get new cable? Or PSU? Help:(
  17. ytkilian

    Question RX 570 shows 0 MHz Mem and Clock speed

    Hi Guys, I've got myself a used RX 570 8GB Sapphire yesterday. I came home, installed driver, but the performance is horribly, rather non existent. Games run at (no shit) less than 1 FPS. In GPU-Z, it shows really weird stuff (screenshot ) I have...
  18. TTVBTW

    Question How to install Windows 10 from USB Drive?

    Today I got a Windows 10 keys from Microsoft and I don’t know how to install it to my new pc. When I click “Launch EFI Shell from USB drives” it says please disable secure boot. I need help thx.
  19. N

    [SOLVED] Advice Motherboard, CPu, Ram

    Hi to everyone , I'm new in this forum, I hope to write in the correct section :) I would to ask you, I need to buy a new motherboard , CPu and ram, actually I have as power supply Corsair cs650m In this days, I see a Ryzen 2600k, I set the budget more or less in 400 euros, which components do...
  20. M

    Question Is My PC Infected?

    Hi, On 3/19 I started getting emails from saying "Message not delivered. There was a problem delivering your message to <<Personal information removed by moderator>>. See the technical details below. Account disabled." There was an attachment ForwardedMessage.eml...
  21. A

    Question Will the Intel i7-7700k be good for gaming while streaming at the same time?

    Hi. I just ordered the Intel i7-7700k processor & was wondering if it's good for gaming while streaming in 720p 60fps? Thank you.
  22. S

    Question Upcoming Ryzen 3000 Compatible with B350 boards?

    Hi will my MSI B350 Gaming Plus be able to handle one of the upcoming 6 core Ryzen CPUs? Thinking of switching from a 1500x when they come out, but I don't really wanna upgrade the board. (tight af budget)
  23. S

    [SOLVED] Finding a somewhat identical 1x8gb stick

    Someone is selling the sticks from this ram individually F4-3200C14Q-32GTZR His price for 1x8gb is 100e and 160e for 2x8gb. It's brand new sealed, with the receipt. I already have a 1x8gb F4-3600C15D running at -14-14-14-34@1.35v And their stats seem identical ...
  24. Gorzul

    Question Monitors going off randomly "No DisplayPort Signal Detected" need help troubleshooting.

    Hey guys, my monitors will both go off showing "No Displayport signal detected" it happens every once in a while throughout the day. I'd be playing a game or away from PC. monitors just turn off (no Signal from Display Port) and you cant do anything other than a hard reset. When that happens...
  25. L

    Question PSU exposure to Mountain Dew

    Last week I spilled The Dew on my PC indirectly. Most landed on the bottom of my case (it’s laying horizontal) and splashed my PSU dust guard and bottom of PC, any risk? And is there anyway to fix? It hasnt been booted since last week as I left it to dry naturally.
  26. A

    Question Macbook pro 2017 storage issue

    So I own MacBook pro-2017, but I have an issue with the storage. The deal is that "system" takes up close to 300 GB of storage (precisely it is 291,21 GB). I have tried several cleaning programmes but nothing seems to work, so I'm asking if I have to do a hard reset of my mac or if there is an...
  27. M

    Question Motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600

    What motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600 is good?
  28. S

    Question will you see bezels inside HTC Vive ?

    So I just ordered my HTC VIVE I will be getting in by March 20th and I was wondering if you wear the headset will you notice bezels around your view ? Is it annoying ? Will it affect your gameplay? Thank you!
  29. SamuelJackson22

    [SOLVED] To support 1866MHz ram or above you need to install amd+ cpu first

    Guys, I have a question My new PC Build is not working.. I have changed Motherboard to Gigabyte 970a ds3p and processor to AMD FX8350 , and as i saw this combo is working on internet. My PC is starting on half sec. and then it instantly shuts down... I wanted to ask you if this can be problem...
  30. D

    Question Will my i5-6500 bottleneck a 1660ti?

    I currently have a 10603gb and am thinking about upgrading. Should I?
  31. P

    Question PC is making beeping sound and not powering ON

    I have a custom made PC (not assembled by me) with the motherboard Intel DH87MC, 4 GB RAM Windows 7. It was restarting again and again randomly firstly it was during normal running of windows then this became shorter and shorter and then it started shutting down and rebooting after 9-10 seconds...
  32. Zartust

    [SOLVED] Tried to install RGB light strip and now the Mobo won't turn on

    So I had a working computer till I decided btobadd some RGB lights to it. The were ASUS ROG Addressable RGB 5050 LED 60cm Lighting Strip with Magnetic Backing and Adhesive Strips for use with AURA Sync RGB which I figured would be compatible with my Asus B450m tuf gaming motherboard. However the...
  33. ASaltyBunion

    [SOLVED] My Minecraft is lagging even though I have an overkill pc for the game.

    I got back into minecraft just a while ago and it runs at about 50 fps and drops every now and then to about 5 fps. My Specs: Cpu: Ryzen 7 1700 x Ram: Gskill Trident Z RGB 16gb 3000 oc Gpu: MSI Goforce Gtx 1060 6gb Gaming x Before you go telling me to lower my settings, download optifine, update...
  34. L

    Question What do I need for 144hz?

    Before anyone says anything, I'm aware there is an entire sticky dedicated to this, but feel theres so much info and just a bit confusing. I have a 144hz monitor already (ASUS VG248QE) and I'm wondering what I could use to actually get the full 144hz out of it. Could somebody please link stuff...
  35. WeirdTechBuilder

    Question How long does a Corsair RM1000X last?

    About 5 years ago, I built my PC and installed an RM1000X in it. Now, I’m in the process of upgrading the majority of parts (GPU, memory, Case, cooler, fans, RGB lighting). I’m certain that the PSU can handle the load, and it’s 80+ gold. However, would the age make the PSU a bad choice, and...
  36. Computers Taste Like Metal

    [SOLVED] Is the Noctua NH-U14S sufficient for an i7-8700 with Turbo Boost enabled?

    Trying to decide between using the NH-U14S or the Dark Rock 4. I've heard the Dark Rock 4 has mounting issues, and the NH-U14S is a big smaller and has a much better mount system. Is the NH-U14S enough for an i7-8700 with turbo?
  37. F

    [SOLVED] High end P.C with micro stutters?

    Hey guys I'm super new to computer just switched over from Xbox, only game I've downloaded so far is fortnite. I have a 3,000 pre built P.C; i9 9900k; rtx 2080, all the good stuff. When I play I get these micro stutters even though I am running 0-12 ping and 200+fps. I have no idea what it could...
  38. R

    Question What RAM can I upgrade to?

    Hello, I have a way too old PC that I'm trying to not replace, but to just upgrade a bit to make it not so slow. Any help with what I can upgrade for RAM (or otherwise) that would be cost efficient and give me a bit more time with this PC? We don't game on this, it's mostly internet, Office...
  39. E

    Question Pc crashing after BIOS splash screen after installing new GPU, need help!

    So I recently uppgraded my GPU from a gtx 960 to a 1060 so I figured I'd give to 960 to my little brother, since he needed a new graphics card anyway. I uninstalled the radeon drivers for his ryzen 3 2200g, shut down the system and disconnected all the cables from the IO. I then installed the...
  40. P

    [SOLVED] What components could I switch out?

    I have some problems with fps in games such as apex, gta 5, pubg etc. Sometimes it's normal and it doesn't lag, but sometimes it's like gaming with a potato. I think it's cpu or ram problem, but I'm not so good at computers. So what could I change in my pc to make fps better? Pc specs: Cpu...