Question Curious GPU temps after re padding and pasting my laptop

Feb 5, 2020
After re pasting the i7-6820HK and re pasting and padding 1070 in my laptop I got some unexpected results. My cpu temps while idle was about the same as before but under load got way lower. This was mirrored by my gpu for a bit running at 60-70c while under full load. But I noticed the gpu temp kept creeping up slowly. This continued all the way to 90c, hotter than it used to run and yet my laptop feels way cooler to the touch than when it was running hot before. I've tried turning everything to performance in the nvidia control panel and turning down the voltage and speeds on my gpu. This didn’t change much, still creeps all the way to 90c under load. When the load is dropped the gpu temp drops rather fast so it seems like its cooling properly.
I used MX-4 thermal paste for the cpu and gpu and Arctic thermal pads 6.0 W/mK for the VRM and VRAM. I’ve double checked everything is making contact with the heatsink and the paste is applied properly. Just a tiny drop for the cpu and enough to fully cover the dye for the gpu. A couple of the smaller VRMs weren't making contact with the factory pads and I ended up having to stack a thick pad with a thinner one on top to even get close. Could this be causing this weird temperature behavior or do I need to get better pads or could this be something different entirely?
Any help would be appreciated because I’ve already fully torn apart and reassembled my laptop twice now this week and its quite the undertaking with the Asus G752VS.