Data error (cyclic redundancy check}.


Nov 1, 2010
I have a mini DVD, from my video camera, and there is a problem trying to copy the main .VOB file which is about 1GB in size. It produced the error:
Data error (cyclic redundancy check}.
at which point the copy is abandoned.

However, the file will play successfully directly from the DVD and other DVDs from the same source copy without problem, so it would appear to be a data fault on this specific DVD.

I'm running an up to date XP system. Is there a utility available to overcome this problem?


Dave R


Apr 27, 2012
I don't know if this will be useful for anyone, but I had a similar problem just now (CRC). I had a CD with a WMV video on it, which could be played only for the first 1:23 of the 12:30 long video before it would hang. I would get the CRC error when attempting to copy the file.

I overcame the error by copying the CD to another CD using CDBurnerXP (which is free) and using the "Copy or grab disc" option and then checking on "Ignore unreadable data". It took a little while and showed 6 bad reads at specific locations. After it was done though, the new copy of the disc worked just fine. There may have been a slight hiccup around 1:23 (audio seemed to be silent for about 1/4 of a second).

Anyway, I was looking for a solution and found this thread, but figured this out before I had read dEAne's response suggesting cdroller. CDBurnerXP is free anyway, and my primary CD/DVD burning software as well.

For what it's worth,