ddr2 memmory and cpu-z frequency.


Jun 29, 2007
hi all may i ask if anyone has seen a simular problem to mine.

i have an amd turion x2 notebook tl56 cpu and it had in it ddr2 533 memory which in cpu-z and everest and sisandra shows that in spd its ddr2 533 but in these utils the frequency is the memory runs at is 200 rather than what it should be ..266.

anyway thinking it was the memory and i was upgradng to vista 64 anyway i purchased 2x2gb gskill ddr2 667 and funnily enough in these utils its spd is 667 but the frequency is now 300 instead of 333 ..weird

no remebering this is a turion64 x2 1.8 mobile and these are so-dimms am i missing something as this is a 1 month old laptop from fuji and i have only recently noticed this problem as i hadnt ran any utils to check and also i ran memtest newest on both sets.

is it the way the cpu works as the memory bandwidth score in sandra and everest suck for the speed it is





There are many possibilities. First, the BIOS, not the SO-DIMM, chooses the memory speed, so buying a faster-rated SO-DIMM doesn't *force* a faster speed, it just allows it. Second, most notebooks slow down the system when the load is low on the CPU to save power, so your readings may be reflecting that slowed clock. Third, since skt 939 and AM2 CPUs have the memory controller in the CPU, there is a fixed set of ratios (or dividers) available to derive the memory bus clock from the CPU clock. Depending on the CPU clock, some memory bus speeds may not be available, so your 300MHz reading may be the CPU's closest approximation to 333MHz.
And so forth...