dead card?


May 31, 2003
Hi guys,
I got this Gigabyte Maya II (Radeon 9700 Pro)card which died on me a few days ago.
I stupdily inserted the power plug into the garphics card 1 pin displaced onto the left. (Instead connecting to the full 4 pins, my connector only connected to 3 pins)
When I turned on my machine, black smoke came out and I realised the power wire was burned through, just when its about to burn through the female power socket on the graphics card, I just manged to switch my mains off.

When the smoke cleared off...cough cough
I analysed the damage. The card seem to be intact, no signs of burned components. The power socket seem to be still intact.
When I try to start my machine up with a new power plug plugged into the graphics card, the card's fan is not running. No response on my monitor.

Is my card dead?

What should I do? Bin?

Your help would be appreciated thanks!


Jan 4, 2003
one, its funny how u can make a mistake like that :p
try the card in another computer and see

otherwise try RMAing the board with gigabyte if no....newegg have a few cheapo 9800pros :p

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