Question Dead GPU causing Black Screen at Start up

Nov 25, 2022
Hi there, I think my GPU is dead! But I am hoping that maybe someone has an idea to fix this issue that I am experiencing. Whenever I turn on my PC it will instantly go to black screen at start up sometimes to a random solid color depending on the app that is showing on my screen. For example, if the black screen didn't go instantly and I were able to open an app, then it will go to a random solid color.

Below are the troubleshooting steps that I did so far:

  • Change DP cable
  • Tried other DP port
  • Tried HDMI
  • Tried other monitor
  • Used one RAM
  • Used one power cable
  • CMOS reset
*Repasted CPU
  • Reinstall driver (clean installation)
  • I repasted my GPU and changed the Thermal Pads and cleaned it using alcohol and Qtips (It worked for some months, believe me I thought this resolved the issue)
I was able to play heavy games before but recently I played Cyberpunk, then it went Black Screen again. Now I can't use it! I can only use because I disabled the GPU. I think my GPU is really dead, but I still can't but new at the moment. I was hoping that someone might have an idea what to do exactly maybe on the GPU. Thank you in advance.

Below are my specs:

2700x R7
16x2 3200mhz
Zotac 2070s
b450mortal max
gx750 focus