[SOLVED] dedicated gpu not used in games

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Jan 10, 2022
i am using asus tuf dash f15 laptop !
whenever i open a game the usage never go above the integrated gpu which is also below 40 % , and some games only uses the integrated gpu !
i used every thing in nvidia control panel , and graphic settings in windows 11 and 10 !
i have RTX3060 and I7 11th gen
so there is no bottleneck
i installed older version of the nvidia driver and still nothing new .
i installed newer version of windows 10 and 11 and still didn't fix the solution !
i can not even get 100 fps on valorant and i am using AC
and in armoury crate there is no (IGPU) settings so i cant use the dedicated GPU for everything and BTW my friend has the same laptop and he has that option !
thanks for you efforts if u help <3
Not open for further replies.