Dell e5530 latitude processor upgrade question


Oct 30, 2016
I am looking for the best processor upgrade for my dell latitude E5530 I am looking for improvements in speed and a little gaming improvements

Right now it has the third gen i7-3520m : I would like to get a quad core if possible but what ever will be the best for the computer.
i am looking at Core i7 3630QM vs 3612QM or what quad core processors can i put in here?


I will be putting in 16gbs of 14900 pc3 ram

The 3520m is the best it can handle. Even if you upgraded to 3630 you will notice almost no iprovement in games since you are running on the intel hd 4000 graphics which are extremely low end and not intended to run games.

Even if you don't want to the only good option for you is to get a new laptop. If you want your pc to feel snappy just get an ssd.
What makes you think that your current CPU needs an upgrade? An i7 is only going to give your laptop a boost if the software you use can make use of the additional threads. If it can't, then you'll find that your current 3520M will be faster due to its higher base clock speed.

Without a dedicated GPU, your gaming experience will almost certainly be identical across all three CPUs. If a game is old or basic enough to a point where it can run on Intel HD Graphics, then the chances of it utilising multiple CPU threads is close to none.

I know you don't want to buy a new computer, but I don't see the point in spending money to upgrade what you have.


Probably none. Laptops are notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to upgrade:
-- laptops are extremely cramped on space. Getting to the CPU usually means taking the laptop completely apart, not just opening the provided access panels. That's a whole lot of chances to screw up a critical component (keyboard, graphics, drives, etc.).
-- most have the CPUs soldered to the motherboard. That takes a trained technician to remove & install a new one, & again has a very high risk of damaging (usually irreparably) the motherboard and/or CPU in question.
-- even in laptops where the CPU isn't soldered, there's the problem of cooling. Again, with extremely limited space, laptops are designed for specific TDP thresholds (since you can't just add a cooling fan to the case or switch over to liquid cooling).

That 3rd issue is specific to your situation. Your current i7-3520M has a 35W TDP rating. The i7-3612QM is also rated at 35W TDP, but even though it's a quad-core CPU you'll notice it's much, much slower (3520M = 2.9GHz base, 3.4/3.6GHz Turbo with 2/1 cores in use; 3612QM = 2.1GHz base, 2.8/2.8/3.0/3.1GHz with 4/3/2/1 cores active). The i7-3630QM probably won't work because it's rated at 45W TDP; even though its turbo speeds can nearly match your current CPU, unless you can also swap out the cooling module for one that works with the 3630QM (& assuming that it will even physically fit inside), it'll end up with so much thermal throttling that you'd probably never see those Turbo speeds.