DELL Precision T5500 - Power suppy for new graphic card


Jul 23, 2014
Hey everybody!
My computer DELL T5500:
2x Intel Xeon E5620
nVidia Quadro FX 580

I want to change the graphic card to this one:
iChill GeForce GTX 770 HerculeZ X3 Ultra

it needs one 8 pin and one 6 pin PCIe connectors.
well my power supply has 875 W. there are still some SATA connectors, a molex and some interesting 6 pin connectors unused. These 6 pin connectors are only having blue and black wires... They have labels P5 and P6. I dont know what they are usually used for.
Can I use them for the graphic card?
Power supply: DELL W299G

Thank you very much.



Jul 3, 2014
I have the T5400 which is really similar to the T5500. I can tell you now that to install pretty much any modern gaming GPU card you will have to reconfigure cooling. Dell pretty much cut the case in half when it came to cooling and never designed these to handle higher heat output GPU's. I had to reverse the front fan to blow air OUT the front as well as add 2 fans to the side cover blowing air IN to keep my GPU card from cooking itself under any load.

Then there is the power problem, i.e. Dell proprietary power supply. Those 6 pin connectors labeled P5 and P6 are pci-e and will power 6 pin GPU card connections as is. FYI, they are rated for 75 watts each (although they can supply more within reason). The 8 pin connection is also referred to as a 6+2 connector, it is wired the same as the 6 pin but has 2 extra ground leads (the +2) and uses a little heavier gauge wire - capacity rating is 150 watts for that connection. The easiest method would be to use a 6 pin to 6+2 pin pci-e adapter, but understand that could potentially pull twice or more the wattage the 6 pin is rated for.

It is do-able, it's just not plug and play easy. I checked it out and your harness is slightly different than mine. The safest solution would be to purchase 2 adapters. One of those would combine 2 SATA power connectors to a 6 pin pci-e male - which would then connect to the 6 pin on your GPU. The fun one, and I had to have one made, was 2 female 6 pin pci-e to a male 6+2 pci-e..The +2 connections don't really carry any power, they just tell the GPU that it is plugged into an 8 pin connector with one and enables extra power to be pulled from that connection with the other. I would plug P5 and P6 into this and then the GPU card.