Question Desktop monitor was knocked off a table, now display flashes on/off every few seconds but the picture is good. Dead?


Pretty much as the title says. A child knocked the monitor off the tabletop onto a hard tile floor, and now it's having this problem.

The screen itself is not cracked or broken. It displays a normal picture for a few seconds, then goes black, then comes back on for a few seconds, goes black again, etc.

Obviously it is not useful in this state, but since it seems to actually be able to produce a normal picture, I'm wondering if the fall might have just dislodged something that can easily be repaired. I have never had a problem like this before, so it is new territory to me.

Monitor is an Acer G235H, if that makes any difference.

Nothing on the computer itself was damaged, and another monitor works fine on the same machine with the same cables.