DESPERATE! sapphire 4870 Vapor-x problems


Apr 27, 2010
hi all!

i've been having this problem forever:

i bought my CPU a year ago and put it up together myself.
the video card that i bought is Sapphire 4870HD 1GB Vapor-x.
as many of you probably heard, this card has 2 very common problems - hangs/system freezes is one, and the other is overheating (which is kinda paradoxical, since the whole Vapor-x thingy is like an aftermarket cooler, but anyway...)

unfortunately i've been having them both.

ever since i bought the systme. i've been having random system freezes, either while putting load on the card (games, HD movies) or just when the system is idle/ screen saver mode.

lately i read the temperature readings while gaming from GPU-z, and EVEREST, and i was amazed that the temps reached up to 96(!!!!) degrees.

i've been posting questions in various forums such as techsupportguy and techsupport forum, but eventually no one there could help me.

i have to emphasize that these problem, although VERY annoying, are THAT bad, and didn't keep me from gaming for several hourse in many demanding games.

i'm just really afraid that i'll fry up something eventually and loose the warranty or something like that.


If it is still under warranty b^tch and moan to customer support for an RMA. If none take the card out and blast the dust out. This is why I no longer buy from them. I rather buy OEM ATI cards over them.

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