DHCP server



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on the server- start / settings/ control panel /
services / look for Microsoft DHCP server, and its status.


Aug 14, 2001
Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc (More info?)

Hi Chris, Here's a real quick way to find out (if you already know your server's static IP address).

1- Go to a workstation and log into the domain
2- Open the Command Prompt console
3- Type in the command: ipconfig /all
4- This will display the IP address of its DHCP server. All you have to do is determine if that IP matches your server in question.

Another way...Which is the most accurate.

1- Go to the server in question
2- Go to Control Panel, Services
3- Chech to see if the service "Microsoft DHCP Server" is started or not.
4- Obviously, if it is started, then it is a DHCP server (but now you might want to check the DHCP scope/configuration)

Hope that helps!

----- Chris wrote: -----

Hi How can I know if the NT 4.0 SP 6 server installed in
the root machine of our server is a DHCP server