Diablo 3: Add Animations to Monk Skills


Apr 18, 2012
This is fresh news that blizzard has updated skills effects of monk, including Sweeping Wind, Crippling Wave, Deadly Reach, and adding Exploding Palm, Way of The hundred Fists and Fists of Thunder in the future patch.
We’re certainly aware of how we’re handling our skill animation sets, as well as your feedback regarding the monk specifically. While working on any piece of the game we have to make production calls on what has the biggest benefit for the time we’re spending on it, because time is quite simply a very precious commodity. We made some choices, some that you may not agree with, to ensure a solid level of animations throughout the game. To make a call on not displaying a weapon during a skill may allow us to animate a multitude of spell casts for a demon, a higher priority animation for another character, or unique animation to ensure an in-game cut-scene feels epic. Making the tough calls on when and where the game and players as a whole will benefit most is one of the most difficult things the producers, designers and artists have to do.

It’s worth noting that in addition to making those tough calls we take a logical approach to skill animations, and there are some where we purposely do not show a weapon. This is mostly for summoning or buff abilities where a weapon doesn’t play into the skill, such as mantras, or Inner Sanctuary. There are other skills where we purposely do not show a weapon because the concept of the skill is not connected to a weapon, such as Seven-Sided Strike and Lashing Tail Kick. In addition there are skills that purposely do not show a weapon because the skill is conceptually about the monk using his fists or hands, such as Way of the Hundred Fists or Exploding Palm.
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Does this mean we're likely to see the usable weapons for classes increase past release day? Or would all of this be finalized for a day 1 patch? Otherwise I might have to keep a sweet two-handed mace in my stash just in case my wizard can use it someday...

The additional weapon types are specific to monks. The original monk design was very different and very weapon dependent. As that design changed the number of usable weapons didn't really keep up to match, and so we're working to correct that.

That's not to say it's impossible for other classes to see additional weapon types, but we have no plans at this time.
Q: You mentioned patches. In these patches do you plan on buffing skills or nerfing skills? Or are all D3 patches mostly for bugs, glitches, animations, or system problems?

Kind of off-topic, but yes, we intend to correct issues and make balance changes through patches. Did anyone think we wouldn't?

Please tell me you've given Monks the ability to use 2 handed maces! PLEASE!

The work isn't complete so I really can't comment on which weapon types because I don't want you coming after me if for whatever reason we can't deliver ... but I think you'll be happy.


Apr 18, 2011
In summation: Sorry that over the last 10 years of development we didn't bother to incorporate weapons into the monk animations, but we ran out of time (ps: this is also why we are releasing the game in an unfinished state without PVP, don't worry the RMT auction house will be up and fully functional though!).

Don't sweat it though, we'll fix it at some date after you purchase the game with some patches. Promise!

I'm sorry but the bush-league effort surrounding the Diablo 3 release isn't even disappointing, it's just humorous anymore.