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  1. phnx_kde

    Question Using 2 Samsung TU7000 70" TVs as displays for PC.

    So I have 2 Samsung TU7000 70" UHD smart TVs see here: ( I have one connected to the computer with an HDMI cable; it works. The other one has to be connected with...
  2. D

    Question TV for monitor

    Hi fellas. I will buy a NEW TV but theres 2 options for me and I need all your help. Im more about wuality image instead so this are my 2 options Samsung: Or xiaomi:
  3. X

    [SOLVED] Which to second monitor with keyboard

    Hi, My set up is a PC connected to my monitor via the display port and tv through the HDMI PC monitor for keyboard games(desk) TV for Controller games (couch) at the moment, every time i want to switch from the monitor to the tv i have to do in to control panel and change it there. ive had...
  4. H

    Question TV-Monitor combo causes monitor-flicker ?

    Whenever I try to connect my older model Insignia TV to my PC, my main monitor will occasionally flicker. The flickering almost always happens when I am playing a game and there's a highly gpu-intensive situation (Like flickering car lights or like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator with a lot...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Hisense A6G vs A7G

    Hi, Just looking for the differances between these 2 TV's as I can not find a comparrison anywhere on the internet. A6G: A7G...
  6. G

    Question Which TV is best?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering out of the TV's listed on the webiste (linked below), up to the $795AUD (should be arranged in order from lowest to highest price TV), which would be the best? Can't find much online for these TV models so any help would be much appriciated. P.S please do not send...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Tv screen goes black for a second + lost audio

    Hello everyone , around 3 years ago i bought my gaming pc. I decided to use my Samsung tv as a monitor and i noticed that sometimes the screen would go black and would lose audio also for a second. Lately i noticed that the screen is tearing when i play games or watch videos and once i saw...
  8. R

    Question Q-Symphony Samsung does it work with any specific format?

    I bought Neo QLED 8K and HW-Q600A soundbar, when i turn on the Q-Symphony for youtube or any other app on Samsung TV i could hear only from soundbar and not TV. If i listen to specific 5.1ch movie on Netflix then i can listen from TV as well. Samsung customer chat says there is no limitation if...
  9. I

    Tiny hair stuck inside TV screen - can I leave it there?

    I have a Samsung Q80T TV that I got 6 months ago, and couple weeks ago I noticed a tiny black line (couple pixels long and 1 pixel wide) in the upper-right corner of the screen. Turns out the "black line" is a tiny hair, maybe an eyelash. After I lightly flicked that area of the screen, the...
  10. Imri_s

    [SOLVED] Can I add an HDMI output to a TV

    Hi, my smart TV screen got broken, and I thought, can I just made it into a streamer? Like I mean it has a cpu and all needed, except for an HDMI Output so I can just plug it in to any other TV/monitors and use them as a smart TV. Is there anyway to do so? Thanks.
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Video stuttering, but only on video player on TV ?

    Hello, I recently got home from working abroad, so when I came, I made my pc again to do the usual stuff like gaming and watching some stuff. Everything was like usual, set up my pc, keyboard, mouse, 2 monitors and TV. Monitors are connected through display port and tv - hdmi port. Everything is...
  12. Perrintook

    Question How do you remove the back panel on a Vizio TV model number E420VL?

    I have a Vizio TV model number E420VL. I removed all the screws on the back, but it will not come off. The problem seems to be in the lower right corner. Is it possible the coaxial port could be the problem? I see screws at the top, left, right, and bottom. There are also screws to remove...
  13. Dankpepe5000

    [SOLVED] What can I make out of a LCD tv what doesn't boot

    So basically I have a LG TV , what works , but doesn't boot. It just blinks 3 times but the screen never turns on. I was wondering if there was anything I can do with it , maybe make a spare screen what doesn't need the TV's OS. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask in , but maybe...
  14. L

    [SOLVED] Separate monitor displays with tv displays

    I ordered an oled tv to play on and I’ll be connecting it to my pc build. I currently have two monitors connected at all times. I will always have the tv connected as well but I don’t want it always displaying on the tv. Is it possible to have my pc switch between displaying on just the two...
  15. J

    Question SSID not showing

    Hi Folks, Hopefully this is the right place to ask this. I recently got a new LG TV, one of the nanocell ones, to give a rough date of the device. I'm trying to get my VPN working with it. As i don't have a VPN supported router, and the TV uses WebOS rather than android. I'm trying to use my...
  16. W

    [SOLVED] Selecting a new TV

    Hi. I appologize if this is posted in the wrong section of the forum, or on the wrong site for that matter, but i need some advice in selecting a new TV. My budget is 1000 USD max, and the fact that i live in Norway does narrow down my options to mainly Samsung and LG, with a few TCL, Philips...
  17. Chris_Cross

    Question Is it possible to setup HDMI over IP via wifi repeaters, access points and a router?

    I have Virgin TV setup in the Living Room with a Tivo system attached. I also have a TV in the the dining room currently setup for Freeview with a crap signal. The goal is to split the HDMI signal from the Tivo system to both the TVs so that I have a choice of which TV to watch a programs on...
  18. F

    Question TV possibly bricked, please help.

    Yesterday I shutted off the tv and it worked ok and today I turned it on and the startup screen shows, and then just horizontal line turning on and off in a bootloop. The only way to shut off the tv is by shutting the power in this mode, tv remote doesn't respond. This is how it looks: View...
  19. Z

    [SOLVED] TV doesn't support 3.5mm jack, any work around?

    I recently bought LG 43UM7290PTF tv, it doesn't have 3.5mm jack support and only has toslink. I recently bought new wired headsets and I will be rarely watch tv with headphones so don't want buy another pair of headsets. Is there some kind of converter I can use to get 3.5mm jack support?
  20. G

    Question PC detects tv, but tv says "no signal" until I restart the tv at least once

    I have a strange issue. When I start my tv while my pc is on, it sometimes will not show anything even though the pc detects it. Restarting the tv however will usually solve it immediately, but its annoying. Anyone know the reason to why this happen? All latest drivers/updates are installed...
  21. [SOLVED] Raspberry Pi TV Project (Advice needed)

    Hi fellow members! I am looking for some advice from some people who have knowledge with Raspberry Pi, unlike me who are indeed very noob-ish in this. I have an older Raspberry Pi (I think it was the first version, but I am honestly not sure!) Picture 1: Picture 2: Now, what I am trying to...
  22. S

    Question I received a text message notification on my Smart TV ?

    So here i am minding my own business on my phone, when I notice a sub box showed up on my TV. Me thinking its just a shut down prompt without looking I scroll along to press no so it doesn't turn off. I notice nothing happened when looking up the sub box said "are you sure you want to block...
  23. BenJi2d

    [SOLVED] Does PC gaming TVs exist? I need one.

    Hi there people! While I was thinking about the PC build I'm currently trying to figure out, I realized that I have two TVs, but no gaming monitor. For now, that was completely fine, because with my 1080 Ti and nearly all settings set to ultra and 1080p / 1440p I was never able to see much more...
  24. L

    [SOLVED] 4K TV Recommendations

    I’m in the market for a new 4K 50-55 inch TV, and I was looking for suggestions. Ideal budget would be under $800 with a hard limit of $1000. Heard good things about TCL 635 and I’m a fan of the Roku integration. Anyone have experience with the TCL options or alternatives? Main use cases would...
  25. M

    [SOLVED] TV half booting up weird problem

    My TV is not fully turning on whenever I press the power button. The display panel lights up but then the software doesn't start such as showing the tv logo like it usually does. Just a lit panel. I don't think that it's the LED panel which is broken as there's no sound etc either I've tried...
  26. Question [Samsung UN40ES6100] Repairing an old television with a periodically flashing backlight

    Hello, I'm pretty sure this is the right board to ask this but correct me if I'm wrong. I'm the owner of an old Samsung UN40ES6100 LED-LCD TV. I'm not sure when we bought it, but I do know it hasn't been working properly for quite some time. When turned on, the display will appear dim, turn...
  27. condemption

    [SOLVED] Can anyone explain the problem and suggest any fix/solutions?

    Hi guys! This is what getting last Monday. I tried cleaning the T-con board connections and nothing changed. Feels like there exists some Snapchat filter. I request any fix or solutions which I can do myself because in this Pandemic situation I want to maintain the social distancing as much...
  28. exploding_psu

    Buying a new TV, needs some (well a lot of) inputs

    So my family and I are going to move to a new house next month, and we finally have a space for a new TV. Now, I'm a little unsure about which TV to buy (haven't yet settled on size etc). I do have a bit of 'wanted features list', but as TV isn't my domain, I'd like some input on the matter. A...
  29. RonAhar

    Question Possible to transmit TV audio into PC?

    Hey there, I urgently need to record something from my TV and do not have time\money to invest in an actual capture card, and one of my friends suggested using an Aux cord and connect it to both my TV and PC. Now, I did connect them both and practically no sound came from either devices, I am...
  30. PsychoPsyops

    Question LG OLED TV - HDR Effect Issue

    Hello all. I have both my Windows 10 PC and my PS4 hooked up to my LG OLED TV via certified HDMI. When viewing my PS4, my TV picture setting uses ‘HDR Effect’ mode, which is the correct mode. However, when I’m viewing my PC input, it shows it as ‘Standard’ mode without ‘HDR Effect’ mode being...
  31. G

    [SOLVED] Best cost-efficient GPU for 3 monitor display (5760x1080)

    Hello Everyone the title is pretty much self-explanatory. I need to get a new GPU and prefer not to shell out a large amount of money for a GPU that would eventually fail before being fully utilized. I'm gaming on 3x 1080p monitors at the moment. One other thing I need to take into...
  32. L

    Question Need nerd help with monitor issues

    I have a Toshiba 55SK8000PUA as my main monitor and a Samsung S32D850 as my secondary. The Toshiba is HDR and the Samsung is not. I have HDR enabled on the Toshiba (also enabled via windows) and it works fine. However, there are occasional problems. For example, when I have HDR enable on my...
  33. S

    Question Power supply has black scorch marks on a particular area, what components are damaged?

    So, I found that my TV wouldn't turn on, so naturally I assumed the power supply was broken. So I opened the Tv and found black scorches in one of the areas. So, I feel like I know where the issue is, I'm just wondering, do I need to replace diodes or small capacitors? Circuit board image...
  34. T

    Question Smart TV to Internet via PC's Ethernet

    Hi, I want to connect my smart TV to the Internet via Ethernet through my PC. The reason I want to do so is that I stream media via Ethernet to my TV. But the model does not allow to connect to the internet via WI-FI and keep the wired connection to the media server. It either has one of the...
  35. [SOLVED] Jagged edges on some icons, text and games using 32" TV

    It doesnt matter If I use fxaa or x8 msaa or change the resolution, It always looks like this My GPU is a 3gb 1060 and the resolution of the TV is 1366x768 It also happens with any bright color
  36. sargentchimera

    [SOLVED] HDR issues / Constant Black Flickering while PC gaming

    I have an LG E8 TV and it is great, no issues streaming in HDR, but HDR PC gaming is a mess. With HDR on every few seconds the screen flickers black. I have noticed that when it does flicker, the TV shows it is switching between HDR and SDR, and this flickering can last 5-30 seconds with as...
  37. G

    [SOLVED] HDMI tv ports 4k/1440p 60hz problem

    dunno really how to say it in the title... basically I have 3 hdmi ports in my UHDTV and only one hdmi cable works fully (which is short) in ONE hdmi port (port 1) so heres whats up: My issue is that only 1 port works 4k 60hz and every res at 60hz (port1) port 2 and 3 only 4k 60hz rest of...
  38. _dawn_chorus_

    Question Help choosing a TV for someone who hasn't owned one since 2004

    I just have no idea about TV's or what might be important to be looking for. It will be pretty much just used for movies and streaming with maybe some multiplayer type fighting games or something. So I would like a "game mode" which seems pretty standard now. I have a nice monitor I use for most...
  39. zambama

    Question hdmi

    Is it possible to do hdmi to a tv watching netflix , while gaming on the same device . Netflix on the tv , while im playing a game
  40. P

    [SOLVED] 4k TV as a monitor

    Hello, I was just wondering about using my Sony Bravo's XE93 4K HDR TV as a computer monitor. I recently got a pc with the specs: RTX2070 super, I7 9700 3Ghz, MSI Z390-A PRO ATX LGA1151 Motherboard, Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory, Corsair TXM Gold 550 W 80+ Gold...