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  1. B

    Question about portable hard drive

    I have got a number of portable 2.5" hard drives, they are either Seagate or WD I've been hearing about the legend that there is a max. number of plugging and unplugging of the data cable before the port goes wrong, is it true? In case the port is damaged after a lot of plugging and unplugging...
  2. T

    Question gpu artifacting but works fine in different system

    so i just got a new system. the specs are an i7 3770, 32gb ram ddr3 1600, 2x gtx 970(now only one as you can see), and a 1000w powersupply from corsair. so i got the system updated windows and everything seemed to be going just fime until BAM, it artifacts for a split second, restarts and...
  3. W

    Question super poor performance

    This sunday midgame in Escape From Tarkov, all was fine with 100+ fps but then suddenly in the game my PC started performing bad, it still does - even after restarts both in the game and the pc itself. now i have performance issues in all games. i've rollbacked from the new KB update and updated...
  4. Tony Coleman

    [SOLVED] Modem doesn't connect to internet when using longer coaxial cords.

    Ok so basically i wanted to move my modem to a more central place in the house. Originally it was connected to the main line with a coupler and another cord that was about 2 feet or so and it works fine. But then i attached about 60 ft to it (2 30 foot coaxial cables Rg6) and when i did that i...
  5. N

    Question Seasonic Eco 430W enough for 1060/1660ti?

    System: R5 2400g 2x4 HyperX Fury Adata nvme 256gb 1tb hdd i bought my rig during the gpu mining craze, so i didn't get to buy myself a gpu. Im planning to get one soon but i was worried about my psu since it's only 430w from what I googled, some threads say that the psu is good enough for a...
  6. B

    Question When starting high end games cpu hits 100% and then computer blue screens.

    Whenever I try to launch a high end game (Far Cry New Dawn, Forza Horizon 4) my cpu hits 100% (according to task manager) and blue screens. However when i laucnh low end games (Terraria or Portal) I can play freely at a great frame rate. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance...
  7. S

    Question RTX 2070 boosting too high and crashing

    I have an RTX 2070 (MSI Armour). I ran oc scanner a few weeks ago and the oc was great, no problems running games, no crashes, nothing. But seemingly all of a sudden, my card would boost automatically up to 2010mhz and any game that I am playing at the time of the boost would crash. Sometimes...
  8. R

    Question Planning to upgrade my graphics card

    However I'm a total noob when it comes to anything pc building related, so I just need to know if my computer is basically compatible with a RTX 2070 or higher so that I can game comfortably on a 4K monitor. I have a link to the direct specifications, but in short it's a Odense2-s motherboard...
  9. T


    My ram is capped at 60 in ALL games SPECS: Gtx 1060 6gb AMD FX 8320 Vengeance Pro LP ddr3 16gb ASUS M5A97 evo 2.0 Seagate Desktop SSHD 1TB Need help fixing this issue Used to get 100 - 170 fps in certain games such as CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Looking to build a complete system

    Hello, my son’s friend was really interested in building a new gaming PC, so I offered to help. The community helped me build my PC a long time ago, and it is still running well (thank you!). He prefers first person shooters such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. I completed the new build...
  11. CeaserPlayz

    Question Which AMD cpus support ssse3?

    Hi I'm wondering which AMD CPUs have ssse3 so I can decide which CPU I wanna buy.
  12. Y

    [SOLVED] Pleas could help me?

    Hi there i am about to build a new pc gamers my question is: I have screen (lg 49" full hd smart) I want advice for pc build that I can play games on my screen at 1080p 60 hz in high sittings? My budget about 1000$ Thanks in advance
  13. H

    [SOLVED] My bios does not detect my M.2 ssd but clonzilla and windows detect it

    Hello everybody. I tried to look for similar questions in the forums, but it either was not my situation, or the answers were not applicable (or else I missed some others). I recently mounted a new ssd Addlink S70 M.2 2280 on my Asus H97 pro gamer motherboard. My problem is that my bios does...
  14. O

    [SOLVED] Could I get advice about my computer build? Hello I came here for some advice on my build so far. Any changes yall recommend. For some parts like the motherboard I really want sure what to pick I just googled good motherboards xd. As for the case I just chose the recommended because I didn't see...
  15. dozerking

    [SOLVED] New Build - 9900K - Need advice to make this better

    Happy Weekend all, i'm about to pull the trigger but wanted to see if the community had any suggestions on making this a better build. This will primarily be used for gaming, as i'm upgrading from my ol' 2500k intel system that's long overdue. I loved this build but it's getting long in the...
  16. J

    Question GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK With RTX 2080?

    Does GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK work fine with RTX 2080? I’m thinking to upgrade from my GTX 980 to 2080 but I’m affriad that this motherboard doesn’t support it.
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Pc keeps blue screening upon turning on

    So about 2 weeks ago I bought an i7 8700k and Z390 ASRock phantom gaming 6 Z390 motherboard everything was as working well until last night when I got a random blue screen. I reset my uefi to defaults and everything worked fine then this morning as soon as I sighned in my pc blue screened and...
  18. M

    Question Why is my Pc Crashing

    Hello, my name is Jason and my pc keeps crashing. Every time I try to play a game it crashes and every time i try to record or stream with obs it crashes. i can use to stream videos and online surf but when i want to play games and record it crashes. It's not overheating because I am monitoring...
  19. J

    [SOLVED] Hey working on a new micro atx pc but it wont start.

    The light on the motherboard turns on but the computer doesn't start when the power button is pressed. Here are my specs. Thankyou! Motherboard- Ram-...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] Is my Ram slowing down my PC?

    I am running generic (adata) 1333hz DDR3 RAM - 4x4gb sticks, and I wouldn't say my machine is slow, but given the prices of DDR3 RAm going down, I am not against upgrading to 13 or 32 gbs of 1866 Ram from a gaming brand like COrsair. But the real question is, will I see any advantage from the...
  21. C

    Question Need help with BSD

    Hello, I have a question in regards this annoying error I keep getting when booting up. Pretty much after work I would get on the computer ( computer would be idle but not off) and the internet would be dropped out and the only way to kick it back on was to restart well now when I do that it...
  22. Mustcoppington

    Question Used Gaming PC Price Check/Thoughts

    I have what I think my PC is worth in mind, but I'm curious as to what others would throw out there. This is an older PC I'm just looking to part with. Sorry if this isn't allowed (didn't see anything against it). Specs (from summer 2015): View:
  23. Iniaskle

    Question New PSU for the RX 580.

    Hi there, i need a new PSU because i wan't to go for the RX 580 this one to be specific: Now i have this PSU: I don't think that 400W is enough for...
  24. A

    Question Bad motherboard? Loses power with CPU installed.

    Hi, I posted this general question in "Systems" earlier but it evolved slightly along the way into a motherboard issue, so wanted to try here. I have an Asus Rog Crosshair Hero VII wifi motherboard that behaves strangely. When connected to a power supply, after I flip the PSU's rocker in the on...
  25. B

    Question new build, cant get display to work

    Ryzen 5 2600 CPU Gigabyte b450 aorus pro wifi mobo Corsair Vengence Pro 2x8gb 3000 mhz nvidia 1660 Ti GPU MOBO lights up, RAM lights up, monitor will not worked, plugged into GPU HDMI port. Tried older 750 TI GPU, still no display to monitor. Thoughts?
  26. N

    Question Gigabyte 2070 goes crazy with 4500 RPM Fan speed

    While playing a game the GPU fan speed goes up to 4500 rpm for a few seconds and then back to 2500 rpm. Somehow the card gets hot very quickly and never goes below 40 C. I tried to use MSI afterburn for a fan curve, but it seems the fan speed monitoring is locked. It might be linked to bad air...
  27. N

    [SOLVED] Intel Optane + 5400rpm/7200rpm for games/data?

    I'm about to plan my storage and there was a lot of option to consider and I refused the SSHD option for my gaming/data storage. M.2 NVMe will be my system boot drive so we don't wanna talk about that but instead my data storage needs. I think I've come to my last option: should I use Intel...
  28. K

    Question Get ryzen 5 2600x or wait for ryzen 3000?

    Hey everyone. I’ve been told that ryzen 3000 is coming soon (next few months) and I’m ready to buy a CPU. I have enough money for a 2600x, but if I wait (which I don’t really want to do) and get a ryzen 3000 series chip, will the performance be so drastic that I should wait, or go for the 2600x now?
  29. N

    Question Is Gammaxx 200T can cool i7 4790 temp ?

    Hi, I just bought cooler Gammaxx 200T because i7 4790 when i play ultra 1080 with default stock cooler intel is 90 degrees and I bought this. Is it ok when that cooler decrease I7 4790 temp ?. My country temp is 30-35 degrees C. Main: H81M-A CPU: Core i7-4790 Ram: 8GB DDR3 1600MHZ Card: GTX...
  30. D

    [SOLVED] Build check

    Hi, My friend is building this beast of a machine for his engineering work, he is an electrical engineer he runs vms, matlab, packet tracer, cad tools, ... And he wants a build that will stand for everything and last a long time without needing upgrading. Is this good enough? Are the choosen...
  31. R

    Question What will improve the lifespan of my fan?

    I have an MSI GPU which has a fan off mode while below 60 degrees. Sadly while not under load, the GPU will become 65 ish. Meaning the fans will start to spin up and then stop when the GPU reaches 57ish. GPU warms up to 65 again and the proces continues. I want to know if this damages the fan. I...
  32. A

    Question PC Randomly Freezes, while playing games. Once a week/Six times a day.

    Overview: Upgrade almost the entire computer. Leaving game run almost 24-7. Never crash if I don't touch keyboard and mouse. But when I actually play the game, computer randomly freezes up. Windows 10 Pro i9-9900k @ OC to 5.0Ghz all cores Gigabyte Geforce Gaming OC 8G 2080, overclocked some...
  33. S

    Question 2070 on office desktop without cooling

    So I have an optiplex 9020 with RTX 2070 mini ZOTAC unstalled with EVGA 750 watt PSU without any cooling... Ik this sounds stupid but it’s complicated, I live in Afghanistan where I can’t find any gaming cabinets or fans or any gaming components tbh, I brought the gpu and psu from India and now...
  34. D

    what is proper cut off voltage for my battery??

    Hello everyone.. :) Recently I have made an inverter by myself.I am about to use a 12 volt 100AH battery.( But I am confused for the battery full or low cut-off..With the battery I didn't find any datasheet by which I could have...
  35. K

    Question gigabyte ga x79 up4 rev 1.0 help

    Apparently e5 1650 v2s aren't compatible with rev 1.0 of x79 up4 mobos. I assume its a microcode kind of thing, does anyone have any idea how I should add cpu microcodes into my bios? I've tried flashing my mobo to rev 1.1 but that didn't work either, please help.
  36. editor1

    Question video player that use tag's info for playback ?

    Hi Any one know of any media player that uses video tag's for play back ? I want to stack multiple of tag's and/or genre to make playlist's I use windows 10 tablet for my media player. I also have odroid (Singel board computer) with android or linux arm cpu's EDIT: typo's
  37. C

    Question Memory problems

    I recently replaced the motherboard and cpu in a computer. The ram from the old combo worked fine in the new combo. Then I tried upgrading the ram from 1x8gb 2400mhz vengeance lpx to a 2x8gb 3000mhz vengeance lpx kit. The computer wouldn't post with both sticks. I tried one stick and it didn't...
  38. G

    Question Cooling Paste All Over My CPU

    Hey, I just bought a Ryzen 7 2700X CPU, and I'm having some trouble with the cooling paste. First off, when I got the thing, there was an entire solid block of cooling paste on the heatsink - I don't really question these things, so I stuck it on the processor and wrestled with those weird loop...
  39. G

    Question Is the MSI rtx 2060 ventus oc pcb same as Zotac amp

    I wanted to know whether the pcb od msi ventus oc xs the same as zotac amp edition. I ask this because i was trying to oc the msi ventus but it had a power limit of 100%. I then flashed it with the msi gaming z bios and now i can get it to 105%. I think the zotac amp edition has a power limit...
  40. M

    [SOLVED] Will my GPU cover the PCI-E express slot?

    Hello. I am going to attempt a PC build: I don't know if the GPU will cover the bottom PCI-E express slot as i need it for a Wireless Card (I prefer it over wireless USB). The GPU is 4cm tall, but I don't know if it will or not cover the bottom slot...