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  1. B

    Question Brand New Ryzen 5 2600 Build - Not Working Great...Help?

    Hello everyone! I recently upgraded my older intel build and thought I'd try the Ryzen 5 2600 out. Unfortunately, I've been plagued with constant freezes, lock ups, and sometimes a BSOD. I was able to download all of the windows updates (took a few attempts because of the lock ups) and it seems...
  2. blueagent

    [SOLVED] why are my files not trasnferring in proper USB speed?

    i have a toshiba usb2.0 drive plugged into the usb2.0 port of my motherboard, but its only transferring at 5.8mb/second, its awfully slow since i read that usb2.0 can transfer at up to 9mb/second. i even reinstalled windows to restore all settings back to default, but to no avail, does anyone...
  3. A

    Question Asus FX570UD fan rattling

    Hi I have recently bought an Asus FX570UD. However after *2 weeks *of use, sometimes (on low or middle rpm) I hear a rattling fan noise from the upper left of the laptop (when I’m facing the laptop screen). Is this CPU’s fan or GPU’s? Anyone know? Is this a serious problem? Should I ignore...
  4. K

    Question Dead CPU?

    Hello all- I have been working with an issue on my old rig for way too long now, trying to resolve the issue on my own with the plenty of resources available. Unfortunately at this point I am at my rope's end and wasting money on this thing when I could have put it towards a new desktop. I have...
  5. L

    Question Upgrading system

    Hello, i am slowly upgrading my current setup, already bought graphics card (it was pretty good deal for me) now trying to decide what to take for cpu. I really-really want i9 9900k, but trying to choose between different mobo's is confusing. Also after reading some tests it seems like noctua...
  6. C

    Question powered speakers with stepdown converter

    Hi, I have a pair of 110v genelec powered speakers. the full power consumption for each speaker is written 60w I need to use the speakers in europe with a 220 v power supply. I have two stepdown converters, so from 220v to 110v each of which is to use with devices up to 85w I see online all kind...
  7. bhabanisankardas007

    Question Does Intel Optane 32GB PCIe M.2 Memory Module supports hp z820 ?

    Hello Everyone, Does Intel Optane 32GB PCIe M.2 Memory Module supports HP z820 Workstation ? I need to purchase as i heard about it and found good reviews about it. But i need to be 100% sure that will it work with my Hp workstation. Waiting for your valuable suggestion ? Thanks.