Tiny hair stuck inside TV screen - can I leave it there?

Sep 3, 2021
I have a Samsung Q80T TV that I got 6 months ago, and couple weeks ago I noticed a tiny black line (couple pixels long and 1 pixel wide) in the upper-right corner of the screen. Turns out the "black line" is a tiny hair, maybe an eyelash. After I lightly flicked that area of the screen, the "black pixels" in the initial location were gone, but now appeared couple cm lower. Now the hair-eyelash has a orientation, that it is almost unnoticeable. I checked my warranty, and it doesn't cover cases, when "foreign objects have gotten inside the device". Also it would be a pain-in-the-ass getting the TV to the service (the TV is big, I don't have a car etc).
My question is - can I just continue using the TV with that hair strand left inside the screen? Or are there risks of causing more serious, permanent damage (perhaps overheating?) to the TV screen, if the hair strand is not removed?
Thanks in advance!

Update: I found a youtube video in which a suction cup was used to create a small separation between the front glass and panel, in order to move the debris around. It probably was a risky method, could damage the screen and requires caution, but i managed to get the hair strand to the very bottom of the screen. I slightly pressed the suction cup just to create a light "grip" and then i slightly flicked the plastic back piece of the suction cup. All it took was 2 attempts to get the hair strand fall down to the bottom of the screen.
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