Did I fry my video card


Sep 14, 2011
Hi all,

I have a Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT video card. i was online this morning playing World of Warcraft, all of a sudden the screen froze and I had a bunch of green dots all over the screen. I waited a couple of min and decided to restart my computer. after i restarted my computer and tryed to go back to my game i received a message that says "failed to find a suitable display device. Exiting program." I checked my device manager and went down to my video card and it says i have an error code 43. i have tryed to reinstall the drivers. i uninstalled and reinstalled them again. I am still recieving the same message when i try to play.

I do have a duel screen set up. i dont know if this has put to much pressure on the video card.


I think it is likely that your card is dead. The green dots may well signify GPU memory failing. One thing you can try is to power down the system completely. Pull the card out and reseat it. If it still doesn't work after that you will likely need a replacement. It may pay to check your PSU also. That could be the reason why the card has failed. This can occur if there are voltage issues.
most vid cards eventually die, i would put expected average life at 5-6 years at most. Newer cards are designed to run so hot the solder heating up and cooling down eventually cracks the solder joints and you end up with your exact symptoms. Sometimes this can be fixed by baking the card in an oven to re-melt the solder if your keen. Google "bake video card" or something like that and you will find plenty of articles about it.