Did I static shock my components?


May 1, 2017
I haven't built my PC yet, but I was wondering after handling my memory just to take a look at it, I was wondering if I shocked it. The RAM chip is covered in metal and that's all I handled, it didn't make any sounds when I picked it up but I just wanted to know.
I wouldn't say "static damage is rare". Actually it's quite easy to do, if you're not careful.

Just need to remember to ground yourself (by touching large metal object), not to touch any contacts and
avoid everything fluffy - don't wear fluffy sweaters, don't walk on fluffy carpets, etc.
If you can remember all that, then you're good and most likely won't kill anything with your electrostatic discharge.
Static damage certianly happens and simple safegaurds reduce the risk, but static damage has been way over dramatized/hyped over the years.
Back in the 80s (and earlier) electrical components where very sensitive but wtih modern design it is significantly harder to cause ESD damage.
Working in a non-carpeted environment and grounding yourself prior to touching metal will all but garantee no risk of ESD.

Now I do not recommend people unbox and "play" with their hardware before ready to build, it is just asking for accidental damage.