Did my hard drives fry because of my new PSU or mismatched cables?


Jun 22, 2013
I just bought an EVGA Supernova 850 G2 to replace a Corsair HX 1050. The Corsair was partially modular, so when I was setting everything up, I decided to keep the SATA and Peripheral cables hooked up to everything and just plug them into the new PSU. After everything was plugged in, I tried booting the system. Everything seemed to come on for a split second and then shut off.

After doing some testing, I found that the system would boot if I unplugged the SATA power. I tested all three of the available SATA power sockets on the PSU and none of them worked. I then looked at the cable...and there was a label that said "TH/HX Series Only" on the side of the plug. I then replaced the old SATA and peripheral cables with ones that came with the new PSU.

After doing so, the system still wouldn't boot. I tried only connecting one thing at a time to the SATA power:

1) Blu-Ray drive: System boots and is able to load a Windows boot CD.

2) SSD: System boots, but get a disk boot failure.

3) HDD: System shorts and turns off immediately.

At this point I'm thinking that I've fried my hard drives. I'm not sure why the BR drive still works. After about another hour of testing (switching out data cables and trying all of the SATA power cables included with the new PSU), I tried using the old PSU's SATA cable again on my SSD and I could hear crackling and a puff of smoke came from the SSD...

So, my question is: did the cables cause this, or the new PSU's SATA connections? I'm curious whether anyone knows of any precedent to something like this. I can't find anything on Google about mismatched power supply cables destroying hardware. I'm going to try to find a cheap hard drive to test on tomorrow, so I'll try to post my results then.

Edit: Nevermind. I found several forum threads advising against using mismatched modular cables. I'm lucky that the old PSU was only partially modular, or else I would've destroyed everything...

Dark Lord of Tech

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Aug 18, 2009
You fried your drives because of the cables not matching the PSU.

You need to use the cables supplies with your G2 , it's a fantastic power supply.

Sorry you had to learn it this way.


Nov 5, 2015
Welp... I just did the same thing!

Fried my HDD, DVD drive and fan controller because I kept my old PSU wires.

I was wondering though, did this whole barbecuing component messed up my PSU?

And also, my HDD got fried but not my SSD.. Both were wired together on the same sata cable.. So that's weird..


Feb 26, 2016
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu same thing here just fried all my stuff using corsair cables on an evga supernova. nucking futz. freaking immeasurably poor design. My data was glowing brighter than a freaking imploding star, awesome thanks evga. It must be by some kind of magic that the PSU design team sucked so hard they sucked a crock thrugh the space-time continuum creating a black hole inside my workstation. It takes one dumb mother Flucker to design a proprietary cord with non proprietary plug shapes. Go ride off into the sunset of my burning ssd supernova on a giant horse clock you bastards.


Jun 9, 2016
Same here Bought a EVGA 850 G2 and keeped the cable to both the disk drive and 2 hard drives. Luckly one didnt die, but the boot drive died and now my computer is without the OS.

I only have One Question which is it safe to use the new power supply because im afraid that it might have been damaged from the improper installation. Please Private message me or post a response.