Diff between 35watt and 45watt?


Jan 14, 2002
I was looking at the XP Mobile 2400+ on NewEgg and they come in two types, the 35watt and 45watt. The 35 watt is about $10 more. Is that because you can overclock it more easily? Is it worth the extra $ if I'm not planning on overclocking it?

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The 35 watt version, runs, by default, at a slightly lower voltage, which does two things, one reduces heat, second, extends life. For just $10 I think I would get it, even if you won't overclock, as at least it will run cooler, and last slightly longer.

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May 21, 2004
<b>Diff between 35watt and 45watt?</b>
= 10 watt !

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lol, that was my first thought too. Smart-alek.

I'd almost think that the 35w could potentially overclock better if it is stable at default speeds with 10 less watts, then at say 1.95v it might hit higher speeds. Also as was said, less heat for say a cool quiet HTPC.

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Fewer watts likely means less default voltage, as overclockers we look at how much voltage it takes to get to a certain speed, the lower watt processor needs less to get to the same speed so it might be a better overclocker.

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