Dirt 2 Won't start through Steam

Hey community,

So I got Dirt 2 on sale for 50% off today and downloaded it (I swear if it goes on sale for less). Anyway, after initiating the setup thing for Steam, I walk away to get some food and come back and press a few buttons to go through the installation. All is well at this point.

When starting the game is where the problem lies. When I press "play," Windows shows that it is loading, my picture thingy changes to green (the thing that shows you are in game) and then back to blue, then we're back to where we started.

I am just wondering how to fix this issue, any insight is helpful. I haven't tried much yet, but I am re-downloading a clean install of the game right now, so I am going to try it out.


P.S. Is it just me or does Win7 64-bit have alot of problems running games?
Update: I tried to re-install Games for Windows Live after reading up on some forums. I checked my logs and that seemed to be the issue.

Upon installing GFWL, I get a message, saying that "A required Windows component is disabled on your machine." Of course, clicking help does not help me at all.

This might also be the same issue I am having with the Zune software, it will not connect to my account.

Update: I believe this has something to do with the registries in the computer, mainly with the dll msidcrl40. I have no clue where to find a DLL, so I am just wondering what to do here.