Feb 24, 2009

I built my computer for my 60th birthday some 6 years ago! The memory fades with age LOL. I used a GA-8IHXP motherboard

When I built it I set up a RAID 0 configuration. Now I want to dispence with the raid drive and just have 2 hard drives.

I am going to reinstall XP and I thought it would be a good time to sort it out.

To set RAID 0 up I went into CMOS and set (Onboard Promise Chip) to Enable Onbaord RAID function). Prior to installing XP.

To ensure that RAID is not set up this time is it just a matter of setting(Onboard Promise Chip) to (OFF Onboard RAID function)?

Is there anything else that I should be aware of in doing this?

Many thanks for any help offered

Best to Ghost the array to another drive, then unplug all of the RAID0 array.
You can also use Acronis True Image.
Before attempting to boot from the drive, either: Boot from your handy Win9x floppy and enter FDISK /MBR or else boot to the "repair" command prompt on the XP CD and try FIXMBR or FIXBOOT.
Should then be able to boot to XP with the drive correctly recognized as C: