Disk boot failure before and after new hdd


Jun 30, 2008
Hello everybody. I hope to have this problem solved as soon as possible and i know you can help me!

So this is my problem:

As far as i remember, my pc froze one night(don't know the reason why. everything worked normally before) so i turned off. The day after i received the "disk boot failure" error. After researching i noticed that my hdd (seagate barracuda 7200.11 500gb) wasn't being detected by the bios under regular features window, so i tried different combination with every mb sata port and the opdrive sata cable and hdd sata cable with no luck. It was weird that under some combinations the bios wouldn't detect neither and in some only the opdrive, but NEVER the hdd. So this is what i have tried so far to fix the problem:

I have checked the cable connections (sata,psu to drive and to sata mb ports) both the optical drive and hdd so much i lost count.
I have set the boot order to 1.Disk drive 2. hdd and viceversa but no luck (no floppy instaled).
I Tried to boot from my windows Vista 64 cd.
I have cleared the cmos by resetting the mb battery and also loaded the optimized options of the bios.

All of this with no luck. So figuring my hdd wasn't being detected i call seagate and apply for a replacement. The thing is that when i tested it yesterday, my bios DID recognized it together with my opdrive so i was 100% sure that the problem would be resolved so i restarted but with the same "disk boot failure".

This is the thing, i tried to boot from windows cd with bootable priority but it dosen't run! I don't know to much about computers, just a little bit, but if i figured that a bios is not detecting the hdd and i'm getting Disk boot failure error then that's likely the reason why(which matches most of the guides online that show how to fix the problem).

Could you guys help me on this one?


Sounds like you have a failed (or failing) HDD or motherboard. Do you have access to another computer where you could take the HDD in question to in order to determine if the orther machine can read it?

You could also try to update your BIOS to see if that will help any potential motherboard issues (sometimes works wonders). At a minimum, you should reset the BIOS to its default config (pull the battery from the motherboard is the easiest way (system powered down, all power sources disconnected, push power to discharge any residual power in system, THEN remove battery, wait 30 secs, put back, reconnect power sources, restart).

Good luck!


I have the same exact problem.
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB ST3500320AS Firmware SD15
I have tried several different methods still no luck. It's actually a firmware issue, if your hdd is still operable go to the site and DL the update. If not, it sounds like Seagate will recover your data for you free of charge. I'm calling tomorrow.
Here are the links