Question Display no signal and odd boot

Dec 18, 2019
Just bought a new motherboard and after installing it I get no signal to my monitors. The LEDs on the mobo indicated that my RAM was faulty so I got new RAM. Turns out its the same problem. When I boot the yellow LED lights up and after 2 seconds the computer shuts down. This repeats once and the third time it runs but I don't get any image on my monitors.
I've tried both sticks in every slot as suggested on several forums to no avail. Also checked that all the cables are in place, and tried plugging my monitor to both the graphics card and directly to the mobo. I'm not very experienced in building computers so I'm at a loss of what to do.

Here are my specs;
Motherboard - Asus ROG Strix B360-F Gaming S-1151
RAM - HyperX Fury DDR4 2666MHz 16GB
Graphics - Asus GeForce Strix GTX 960 4gb


Nov 6, 2019
CPU - Intel Core i5-6500 Skylake
PSU - Cooler Master B500 V2

Core i5-8400T (1.7GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 35W, rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-8500 (3.0GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 65W, rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-8500T (2.1GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 35W, rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-8600 (3.1GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 65W, rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-8600K (3.6GHz, 95W, L3:9M, 6C)ALL
Core i5-8600T (2.3GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 35W, rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-9400 (2.9GHz, 65W, L3:9M, 6C,rev.P0)ALL
Core i5-9400 (2.9GHz, 65W, L3:9M, 6C,rev.R0)ALL
Core i5-9400 (2.9GHz, 65W, L3:9M, 6C,rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-9400F (2.9GHz, 65W, L3:9M, 6C,rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-9500 (3.0GHz, 65W, L3:9M, 6C,rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-9500F (3.0GHz, 65W, L3:9M, 6C,rev.R0)ALL
Core i5-9500T (2.2GHz, 35W, L3:9M, 6C,rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-9600 (3.1GHz, 65W, L3:9M, 6C rev.U0)ALL
Core i5-9600K (3.7GHz, 65W, L3:9M, 8C, rev.R0)ALL
Core i5-9600K (3.7GHz, 95W, L3:9M, 6C, rev.P0)ALL
Core i5-9600KF (3.7GHz, 95W, L3:9M, 6C, rev.R0)ALL
Core i5-9600T (2.9GHz, 35W, L3:9M, 6C rev.U0)

This board doesn't support the i5-6500 Skylake. Lowest it goes is the 8400T.