Display shutdown


Apr 26, 2004
Would liek to run something by you folks. I recently flashed my bios following the instructions from ASUS. Recently I started to experience a square behind my mouse pointer. Then vertical lines on the display then lock up. The monitor acts like it loses a signal and goes blank. Now the funny thing is that I can run a game for a couple of hours and no problem. However when in Windows it happens. Will reformating and reinstalling the OS fix this?

System specks ASUS A7V 200FSB
AMD 1.3 Athlon
512 mb SDRAM pc 133
Geo4 MX440 w/ 64mb ddr
SB gamer 5.1
WIn 98SE

Thanks Dano


Former Staff
Wow, that's funny. The last time I've seen THAT IDENTICLE ISSUE was with some old STB PCI cards that were designed for Gateway 486's, when mounted in Pentium 1 systems. I think the problem was caused by a faster PCI bus clock, the Gateway system probably had 25MHz PCI. Now, the BX chipset was designed with a 1/4 multiplier not for a 133MHz bus, but for running old PCI cards. Now, getting on to YOUR system: It sounds like you might have clock issue with one of your busses. The only thing is that it really doesn't make sense with your 100MHz system bus, unless you were overclocking.

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