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DisplayPort to LCD TV


Nov 5, 2010

I'm hoping to find some help.
I currently have a Thinkcentre D20 with a NVIDIA Quadro FX 380 16-core (256MB, DVI + DP) video card.

My goal:
Connect 2 screens. One from the DVI to a VGA monitor(currently works) and second connection from DP to LCD TV via hdmi.

Items on hand:

1x Startech DisplayPort to DVI Video Converter
1x Startech HDMI to DVI Digital Video Cable


The DisplayPort works when i connect it to a VGA convertor and to a monitor.
If i try to use a DisplayPort -> DVI converter and then connect a HDMI-DVID cable to the tv, i get no signal.

This problem might be caused that the DP cable is a DP++ where the port i think is only a DisplayPort.

Can someone help me out what DP->DVI adapter i need, and what is the difference between the Active DP adapter and passive?
Would i require an Active DP Adapter in this case?

Any help will be appreciated

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