Do i have exceptionnal Memory modules?


Apr 23, 2008
Hey guys,

Last night i got into tweaking my memory timings. My mem is Crucial Ballistix 4GB 4-4-4-12 @ 800 mhz standard.

Since 800 mhz gives me 1:1 ratio with my 400FSB i just left if that way and concentrate my efforts into tweaking my timings.

I ended up with 4-3-3-6 @ 800 mhz. Everything Stable. Memtest86+ 2.1 test passed and 6 hours of Prime95 memory tests no errors .

I didn't pushed it further yet, quite happy with the timings i ended up with.

What do you think of these timings and is are my memory modules exceptionnals or quite standard.

Also my mem is running at 2.2 V. This was the standard for these modules about 6 months ago, I know that the newer Ballistix modules are rated at 2.0 V.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.


Eh, most ram can probably reach those speeds....

You want exceptional...

I had 2 GB of ram from mushkin... 800 mhz 4 4 4 12 t2 timings

Could get those things all the way up to 1200 mhz 5 4 4 11 timings... STABLE to

and then for latency I could get up to 900 mhz 4 3 3 7 t1 timings... now those were exceptional sticks... Except I think i pumped to much voltage through them and they died like a year later lol... but i mean it was in factory specs so I could still get warranty replacements... unfortunately the ram they sent me back sucks and you can't change anything AT ALL on it... or it bsods... how lame... i was so pissed :(