Question Do I need to change what RAM i use?

Jul 16, 2021
So I’ve had my PC for nearly 2 years now and i was just looking at some of my components on Amazon when I noticed some information that seems important (very little computer knowledge btw) my motherboard (Z390-P) is meant to be used with DDR3L and has a clock speed of 4266 MHz, I’ve been using DDR4 2666MHz all this time. I’ve always experienced in game stutters/freezing ever since I’ve had it, so could this be the reason for the bad performance?


Feb 23, 2018
Hi basically 4266MHZ on your motherboard means that it can support ram speed upto 4266 mhz it doesn't mean you have to use 4266mhz of ram.

Stutters in your game can be due to number of reasons
Slow processor
Old gpu or Integrated GPU
Ram hardly make a difference they do but if you have 8 or 12 gb of ram then your ram isn't the reason behind your game stutters.
Personal advice is that 2666mhz of ram is considered slow in this era of PC gaming and processes so my advice would be to upgrade it to at least 3200mhz or 3600mhz
my motherboard (Z390-P) is meant to be used with DDR3L
Nope, it doesn't. All modern motherboards are to be used with DDR4.
could this be the reason for the bad performance?
Not likely. Intel CPUs don't depend on fast RAM as much as Ryzen do. If you are running at 2666 you're fine. Also note that 4266 is absolute max this board can do, but ONLY with certain CPUs.
Hi Kenny (y) and Welcome to the Forum :)

The ASUS Z390-P is dual architecture and supports RAM frequencies up to 4266Mhz OC DDR4 RAM.
You have the correct DDR4 2666Mhz DIMM's.

Computer freezing or stuttering is usually caused by outdated drivers, operating system, browsers or applications. Faulty hardware may also cause these issues. When encountering freezing or stuttering, update the device driver and check your settings in Nvidia control panel.