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No; they are not mechanical devices so only the electronics use power. When idling most SSDs use less than 1W and often in the range of 0.1W, while normal 7200rpm HDDs use about 6-8W and the Green drives about 4-6W.

When fully stressed, it may consume little over 1W, but still does not come close to anything regular 3.5" desktop drives consume.

SSDs should never need any cooling. It should also be safe to use them in extreme temperatures; unlike HDDs which are extremely susceptible to temperature changes and diminishes their lifespan.

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Since the power consumption is 99.9999% converted into heat that's the general idea. ;)

So power consumption equals heat generation. The actual temperatures depend on how well this heat is dissipated and the amount of surface available to dissipate.


Jul 8, 2009

So they dont need passive cooling? I havent seen computer cases that can dock SSDs stock...... Thus I take it they should last alot longer than HDDs?
The spec sheet for my 1TB Western Digital Caviar Green drive reads:
Temperature (Degrees C) - Operating 5 to 55, Non-operating: -40 to 70

The spec sheet for the Intel X25M-G2 drives reads:
Temperature - Operating: 0C to 70C, Non-operating: -55C to 95C

The power consumption of the Intel SSD is 75mW (0.075W) idle, 150mW typical