Aug 30, 2020
Hello Tom's Harware Forum,

I have a very low budget but i want to play some low end games with some content creation and editing, so i decided to make a 4th gen pc build. But one thing that always confuse me.

I want to take I5-4400 processor and Gigabyte GA-H81M-S2PH motherboard. But i5-4400 processor supports intel turbo boost 2.0 but i don't know about the motherboard. Does this motherboard support intel turbo boost 2.0 or not?? If it support then i will take it. This mother board i choose for 3 reasons and that is-8 pin cpu power and 2x 2.0 usb port and so many pcie slot. outlook is also attract me. So, please answer my question, "Does Gigabyte GA-H81M-S2PH support intel turbo boost 2.0 or not? and will the processor good match with motherboard or not? If the board support turbo boost then can i turn it on and can i get the turbo boost speed?

{My country (Bangladesh) have only intact pack of 81 chipset 4th gen motherboards (85,87 or other arenot available in my country, only available 81 chipset, so, if you suggest me another one, must suggest on H81M chipset}

and one thing if it doesn't support