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  1. J

    Question My Motherboard only recognizes 1 RAM slot

    Hello! I have been playing games on my PC for about a year when I wanted to upgrade my 10gb RAM to 16GB. I bought the PC off of someone, so the 4 slots were filled with 2gb-4gb-4gb-2gb RAM sticks. I took them out and replace them with 2x 8gb sticks (second and fourth slot). When booting up my...
  2. J

    Question My new pc that i have just built dose not work

    Hello all I need you help with my new pc i have just finnished biulding it today and i am looking for some help with the set up. I have plugged everythink in and truned it on. The pc boots up normaly but at the back where all the socets are (hdmi, usb and others) dont work same of the front...
  3. H

    Question Is a motherboard upgrade worth it?

    So I built a budget PC in 2016 and have been upgrading all the parts since, except for the motherboard. I have an ASUS H110M-A right now, and I've been wondering if an upgrade is worth it. I don't need to upgrade anything else right now, so I don't know how much upgrading the motherboard will...
  4. A

    Question Unknown Motherboard Ports

    Hi everyone, Before I start, thank you all for helping everyone on here. I have literally no idea what I would do without you guys! I've done a few PC builds but nothing to this scale so I'm kind of lost. So my personal PC's motherboard recently died so I had to replace the motherboard but it...
  5. J

    Question ASRock B450M-HDV PSU compatibility

    This may seem a bit of an obscure question, but I need to know whether the 'CiT 600W PSU 12cm single 12v CE PFC '600UB' is compatible with the ASRock B450M-HDV motherboard. My GPU is a RX 570 8GB, and my CPU will be a Ryzen 5 2600. Thanks in advance.
  6. A

    Question Need help with upgrade.

    specs AMD FX 6300 1050 ti 1600mhz 16gb ddr3 ram GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0 I need a upgrade soon I have had this pc for over 2 years and i'm getting kinda tired of it any recommendations? I'm using the pc for mainly gaming.
  7. Arctic922

    [SOLVED] 550w psu enough for rtx 2070s?

    Hey guys. I have a new gpu coming in and i was wondering if a 550w psu will be enough for a strix rtx 2070s? The 3 fan one. My cpu is a ryzen 5 3600x and strix x470f mobo. My psu is a corsair RM550X 80 plus gold. Let me know.

    Question The system does not boot up when i put ram in A2 and B2

    Hi guys, Recently I am having a problem with my pc and it restarts on its own and at first, I thought it was the PSU but it wasn't so I took out the ram from A2 slot and the B2 was installed the pc worked perfectly fine but when I put it in a2 and b2 it does give the display but restarts after...
  9. U

    Question Where can i find informations like how many slot for ssds/rams etc my motherboard has?

    Hello guys, I'm struggling with finding informations about my motherboard. I was thinking about upgrading my laptop but i can't find any info about the motherboard. I'm curious how many slots for ssd it has. If it has a single or dual channel rams... etc ... My laptop is Lenovo IdePad L340...
  10. T

    Question Bios for asrock motherboard

    Hello. Im buying an xeon e3 1225v2 and I want to put it on AsRock, Intel H61, H61M-HVGS motherboard. I saw that mobo bios version needs to be at least 1.80 to run with that xeon but mine mobo bios version is 1.40, my problem is that I cant find a bigger version than 1.50 online..can anyone help me?
  11. MrStevo

    Question Can i put 2x8 gigs of ram in my ASRock H61M-DGS (CPUSocket)

    Hello guys i currently have 2x 4 gigs of ram I plan on getting 2 x 8 kingston hyper x fury so i'm furious would it be able to fit ? The cpu i am using is Intel i5 2400 3.1 ghz
  12. pcgasm

    Question X470 motherboard support

    Hello everyone. Here is my question. Let's say i bought x470 motherboard and last time i checked has support for windows 7. Will drivers work if i first install win7 and later upgrade to 8.1?
  13. ezioadf2

    Question my motherboard can't detect my gpu

    hi i have Acer motherboard Q77h2-ad Ram 2x4 samsung 1333 bus HDD western 750 GB power 480 w Core i5 3570 my mother can detect older cards like gt 210 but with gtx 1060 msi gamin x 3GB hanging on bios logo(that logo after your pc turn on) i have just a short beep for first and its Repeats per 30...
  14. V

    Question What motherboards can I get to upgrade the motherboard in Dell optiplex 380 tower?

    Hi, I need to get a new motherboard for my dell optiplex 380 tower. The reason to upgrade is because I want to run high tier games and i cant run it if the graphics is getting loads of bottleneck because of the cpu, which cant be upgraded more because its a 775 socket, It possibly needs to be a...
  15. MewDew

    Question My Motherboard had OC settings but now they dont show up anymore.

    So my motherboard is : Asus PRIME A320M-K and some time ago i had options to put my GPU to turbo mode and increase my CPU frequency, i didnt touch any settings that time but now when i went into bios to check none were to be found
  16. M

    Question AM4 Motherboard with Wifi and supports USB C 3.1 Gen 2 on the front panel

    I am looking for the best value motherboard that has both WiFi capabilities as well as support for the USB C 3.1 Gen 2 on the front panel of my case. I've done some looking around but I'm interested in what some people who are more experienced have to say. Thanks!
  17. RazoRSki11zZ

    Question Help me with ARGB SYNC

    I have Asus b450 E gaming board with only 1 argb header. I am currently using 3to1 splitter which is connected to my to 3 for my fan argb header and the goes to my MOBO. i want to buy argb strip which is of phanteks 400cm*2 & 1m which total have total of 126 leds . ## i am deciding to buy a...
  18. SouF98K

    Question Why i Can’t start windows after installing graphics card ? Is my gpu broken?

    I did a clean windows 7 installation When I tried the pc the first time it was working but after one day pc becomes so laggy and after i turned it off it doesn’t want to display anything again but everything inside is working i can also hear start up sound and I connected to dvi motherboard...
  19. Lzcas

    Question does the corsair cx750w have every cable needed?

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ALK3QRS/ref=twister_B083KT8MGT?_encoding=UTF8&th=1 will that have every cable needed for: https://www.amazon.co.uk/MSI-X470-GAMING-PLUS-Motherboard/dp/B07C44FQ1S/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=msi+x470&qid=1578744315&s=computers&sr=1-3 i only have 2 storage devices and 1...
  20. WarXMachine3

    [SOLVED] Damaged Motherboard or Processor..???

    Yeah, This Begins when I was just try to run my PC like rest of the days, This time when I push the Power Button my PC started but the Motherboard wasn't detecting the CPU, I gave it to the Service Center they got my Motherboard Fixed, Everything was working fine for few days but one day I tried...