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    Question Pc won't boot after installing gfx card?

    So what happened is that...i have 2 power supplies one is zebronics cheap psu 450 watt(all newly purchased)...and another unbranded 500 watts psu.... Question begins..... I yesterday upgraded from integrated graphics to a gt 1030 I installed the graphics card .... tried to boot(win 10)...but it...
  2. P

    Discussion Asrock taichi X399 Stuck in BIOS while updating bios

    Hello everyone , Asrock taichi x399 was not showing any sign or display and all chassis fan was not working first so i tried to remove CMOS battery and fan started working but gpu fan was running like jet engine at full speed and no display at all no beep , so i decided to flash bios via flash...
  3. J

    Question EZ debug led issue msi mobo

    hey can anyone help me out with this problem i have a msi B450 gamig plus motherboard pared with ryzen 3 2200g apu recently my motherboard "ez debug" led is turns on when ever i boot up my system the cpu and vga debug led are the two led which turns on and after some time like 10-15 mins my...
  4. J

    Question My Water Cooler LED doesn't work. Please Help!

    Hello guys, recently I bought new cooler and I'm Newbie to do this, my cooler is DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX L240 V2 and Install it to my PC. After Install step by step through manual book and it's done. But when I turn ON my PC, the LED from both of pump and fans doesn't work, just LED. I've done what...
  5. S

    Question cpu change

    hello, i want to upgrade my fx4300 on my GA 78LMT USB3 rev 6.0 to an fx8350, i cant find the downloadable bios version, as i need version f3 or higher i can only download f1 and f2, f2 is what the bios is already. does anybody have any information on this topic, it would be very helpful...
  6. H

    Question 3gb usable only installed 4gb ram

    hey guys , my pc has 2gb ram and intel e5200 processor and a china mobo , when i installed 2gb ram it shows only 3gb usable and 1gb hardware reserved. how can i use full 4gb ram
  7. B

    Question What motherboad should i get

    My build is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nZTCNQ. I was wondering what motherboard I should get for around 60 dollars. I would like to have wifi on it. Thank you very much, for your time
  8. A

    Question DDR4 Channel B issue with GA-AX370-Gaming 5

    I have Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 5 mother board and Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB memories. If I install memories in Channel B (either or both, slot 1 & 3) of the mother board then system doesn't boot. If same memories are installed in Channel A (either or both, slot 2 & 4) then system boots. In...
  9. sammylotempio

    Question USB ports don’t work

    Hi, I have recently started a new project with old parts. The cpu, gpu, hdd, and power supply all work, also the memory. The computer boots fine. I have tried resetting bios by taking out cmos battery, and I have tried diff keyboards and mouse. I don’t have a ps2 to try out either. After looking...
  10. C

    Question Possible mobo short or malfuntioning?

    I just got my PC back from repair for a corrupted windows. I noticed when I got it back that they reseated one of the two 8GB ram sticks I have, next to each other (One 8gb in a red slot and one in the black right next to it) when my b360 gaming plus mobo has dual channel memory slots. I had...
  11. mandache.eduard48

    Question Motherboard fans connector types?

    Hi everyone, I got a Gigabyte K7 X370 and I am want to monitor all the fan speeds (through the original software or not, doesn't matter to me) and all the reads I can get are from the CPU fan. My questions are: 1) did I plug the fans the wrong way? 2) Is there something wrong with the software...
  12. G

    Question Asus Z170-AR. No Display, PC has Power.

    Hai! Yesterday, I sold a bunch of PC parts for an i7 Gaming/Streaming Rig. Parts consisted of: -i7-6700K -Asus Z170-AR -GTX Geforce 1060 Gaming X 6GB -32GB Team Dark RAM 2400mhz -EVGA - SuperNOVA NEX 650 W 80+ Gold -Phantom 530 ATX Full Tower (White) -CoolMaster Hyper 212 Evo The problem...
  13. Nafi_sg

    Question Will my motherboard support my GPU?

    Hey Guys I was just wondering if my motherboard which is a Foxconn B85Mx would support a GtX 950 ti or Gtx 750 TI?
  14. M

    Question Gigabyte Gtx 750 ti 2gb ddr5 not working.. need help

    Hey there, I have i5 2300 2nd generation processor System name : p6745f Motherboard name: Manufacturer: Pegatron Ram 8 gb ddr3 Power supply 400 watt with 6 pin Graphic card: gigabyte gtx 750 ti 2gb ddr5 My graphic card is not working when I connect my graphic card to my motherboard my...