Question Does overclocking GPU shorten it's life?


Generally, I would say no. OC editions and other specialty editions often use binned GPUs. Each GPU is tested for it clock speed characteristics at a given power target. If met, it gets to be sold as a higher end card. Though some GPUs go unbinned (takes time and money to test them) and it is possible to get a very good one in a standard card.

So, the same voltage and general temperature ranges a GPU is likely to experience will be relatively similar between all models of cards.

Better the GPU cooler, the longer they should last as well. Real enemy of silicon is breakdown by voltage and temperature cycles. Not letting the GPU go to extremes with a better cooler will help in longevity.

Though most GPUs should last longer than their useful/relevant lifetimes. Though these new process nodes haven't been around long enough to really say that yet. There will come a point where the silicon becomes quite fragile and sticking with a more robust design is desirable. (This happened in power electronics a while back)