Does upgrading BIOS take away features for overclocking?


Oct 28, 2011
I have a ga-m57sli-s4 rev 2.0 mobo

and I have the most recent BIOS installed (FHL) so that I could upgrade my CPU from 6000+ to whatever. I ended up deciding on an x3 720 BE and was planning on oc'ing it. Bought a Zalman 9700 fan

Installed everything and it booted fine and works fine. Just by itself it is a much faster CPU and is running at 14 deg with the fan. I can change RAM speed and other settings but specific ones for oc'ing seem to be disabled (ie FSB, disable Cool-N-Quiet, etc). While researching and troubleshooting on google, I stumbled upon a thread in Gigabyte forum;wap2

where they say that sometimes they disable some features in the BIOS in order to make room to support more recent chips. The guy inquiring in the Gigabyte forum had a px4 940 so I'm not sure if I'm having the same problem or if it's something different considering I'm using a different chip. Btw, I'm a total noob at oc'ing, so that should be considered too.

I know the CPU is supported because it shows up in POST and I've verified the speed with CPU-Z.

Anyone here have any idea on this?