Build Advice Doing a final build check before committing to buying. Please check out my build and give opinions.

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Nov 3, 2017

So, I am putting together a new PC to replace my current one, which by now has passed its 12th birthday.

I have several SSDs and HDDs in this thing, so I'll be salvaging them for storage in my new computer. I live in Canada and I am aiming to keep the budget around $1500-1700 Canadian. I'd like to know if this is the best build I am getting for the price.

I am putting together this PC for gaming as well as digital illustration, graphics work and indie gamedev (Blender 3D and a few different game engines), and I tend to prefer Intel/Nvidia parts. I also live in a dry, dusty and cold area, and chose the Fractal Design R5 for this reason: I need a case that I don't have to dust with compressed air every few months, as I am unable to take it outside do to the fact that Canadian winters tend to last around 7 months and the cold air will build condensation on my internals.

So please give me some feedback. Here is the link: