Feb 9, 2006
I just wanted to thank all who have supported me in my first build. You have been patient through all my Newbeisms and anxioties and I want to inform you that I am done and the monster I created is beautiful.

case=Antec 900
psu= antec 750 blue
HDD= WD caviar black 1TB
DVD= lite On 22x
Mobo= Asus p6t deluxe
cpu=i7 920
Video=Saphire ATI Radeon 4870 1GB
HSF= Xigmatek Dark Knight
OS=Windows 7 RC
Ram= OCZ gold 2x3GB DDR3 1600

This is a powerful machine, it's very quiet except for the occasional winde of the hard drive, but it's not noisy and it's very fast. I am so impressed with all the parts and the build went seemlessly. The HSF is a little big but the Mobo is running at 35C and the cpu at 38C with all case fans set at medium. I also love the Win7 RC. Have some driver issues but I installed their virtual windows Xp engine and now I'm having a ball. The OS isn't perfect yet but when it's released I will be 1 of those crazy people on line to get it.

The graphics are awsome. finest machine I have ever owned and the only one I built.

It was so much fun I am kinda sorry it's over...

Thanks again, Later...IT'S GAME TIME!


Now you'll be looking around to build them for other folks lol.

At least that's what happened to me.