Drive showing in BIOS but not showing up in disk management or device manager.


Nov 25, 2013
I bought a WD blue 1tb hdd to use as a secondary drive and when i power on my pc and go to BIOS the new hdd shows up but in disk management and device manager its not showing up. can someone help me get this drive setup?

im on windows 8

Presumably it has both power and data cables plugged in properly
Does bios show make model and size of hdd?

Are there more than one controller for hdd often intel chipset sata controller has driver built into windows but secondary controller has to be enabled in bios then driver loaded before hdd shows up in device manager
If so try different sata data port on main controller

Mike Barnes
Hi there retrop3,

Sorry that you are facing some issues with your WD drive. :(
One thing you can try is to attach the drive with different cables(both SATA and power ones) to a different port. You can check whether BIOS recognizes the HDD's size as mbarnes86 already suggested.
In case the issue persist, you can go to your MOBO's website and update all the drivers. Sometimes, issues like the one you are facing(HDD recognized by BIOS but nowhere else) could be driver related.

Let us know how this goes,

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