Question Dropped Laptop On USB Port With Mouse Plugged In


Jan 17, 2018
So I was sitting on the couch and leaned to my right to turn on the light. My laptop slid off my lap, closed, and landed on the USB to which my mouse was attached. I didn't see the fall or exactly how it landed but I do know it hit the USB. The fall was maybe 16 inches and landed on the carpet. I unplugged the mouse and there wasn't a ton of damage done but the socket was messed up. The plastic is cracked between pin 1 and pin 2 on the socket but the male part of the mouse was fine. Pin 1, which is Vcc, is flattened against the socket.

Pictures of the damage: View:

The port still works like normal but only if I plug in the USB just the right amount. I can wiggle the mouse's USB towards the crack and it moves a lot more than the other USB. Any movement causes the mouse to disconnect. I tried using needlenose pliers after shutting down the laptop to try to maybe move the pin but there was a spark. I forgot that this laptop, a Lenovo Flex 14, has a USB that can always supply power, even when powered off. I know how to turn off that setting in the BIOS, so no biggie. In the brief moment I attempted to use the pliers, it didn't feel like they were going to work as they were too thick to grip the pin.

Is it still safe to use the port? I don't want to do any more damage or short circuit anything. I do like this port though as the other port doesn't let you charge while the lid is closed. it allows me to charge my calculator without having to boot up the computer and use the other port at school, as there's not enough room on those tiny desks.

Anyways, should I try to fix the USB myself or take the laptop to get it repaired? Will the entire USB socket need to be replaced? I'm comfortable opening the system and fixing it myself. I found the part on one of Lenovo's websites where they give you full range to purchase parts??? Am I missing something or is there no catch? It's also a very good price BUT it takes a whole month to ship. The website:

All help appreciated!


Sep 26, 2019
Most likely if the port is still working and you've used it since the fall, then any damage using the port could incur has already happened, so I wouldn't worry about it.