Question DSL Modem only?


May 20, 2011
I'm looking to buy a DSL modem only, no router, wifi ap, etc. Just the modem.

I'm sick of combo devices that don't work.

Currently have a c2100z and the port forwarding rules randomly drop, and it has to be restarted every day at least. So even if I disable routing and wifi functionality on it, it still might have to be restarted daily.

I want to replace it entirely. I have a router and a wifi AP ready to go, I just need a new DSL modem.

I don't think such a product exists.
It likely exists but is fairly rare. You should be able to put a dsl modem/router into bridge mode to make it into a modem only. DSL is a little tricky since some ISP use userid/password and other do not. You need to set your router wan port to pppoe and configure it after you put the dsl device in bridge mode. It would be the same if you could find a dsl modem.

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