Question DTVP3.0 16GB Sticks: Possible to clear device of encryption and make bootable?

Dec 16, 2022
We (electronics recycling company) received about 60 of these devices (Kingston Data Traveler Vault Privacy). When inserted, they present as a CDROM only. Once you run their janky software, you can use the forgot password option (if you don't have it, and we don't) to format the data partition, so we can see that as well, in windows, on a mac, in linux, etc. What I CANNOT, for the life of me, figure out how to do is to use these as plain 'dumb' USB sticks, without the software, without using a password, and, most especially, bootable. I've done a fair amount of googling on this topic and the solution is non-trivial. It's not as simple as a standard USB clear and format. I'm not even certain that the writable partition is physically contiguous to the software partition (which would suggest that the task at hand is actually not possible and the device is more likely to run doom than allow me to access the data storage partition directly). Anyone with actual success turning these units into basic, dumb USB sticks?