Question Dual boot Windows 10 with encryption


Nov 4, 2019
Hi all,

So I wanted to separate my work stuff and gaming / coding stuff on my home desktop PC without the need of buying two separate computers.

I currently only have one SSD installed (space for a few more and space for a M2 SSD). And it is a Ryzen system if that matters.

So my thoughts so far are:

I have to install Windows 10 on two hard drives. Every time I want to use the gaming PC I would physically disconnect the SATA cable and vice versa with the work SSD SATA cable.
The issue with this is that it is a bit of a headache having to open up the PC every time I want to boot.
But on the plus side this is the most secure way as the second hard drive is completely disconnected.
Is there an easier way of doing this? As in, is there a hot swap kind of thing I can get or an external SATA connection without looking too messy on my desktop?

Again, install Windows 10 on two hard drives. But this time keep them both connected and set up a dual boot method somehow. And also encrypt the hard drives somehow to prevent any issues as they will both be connected at the same time.
Need to sort out encryption somehow and dual boot setup.
Will be much tidier and negate the need to open the PC every time.
Is there any guides on how to set up two Windows 10 installs on the same PC? I have seen many Linux / Windows etc but not Windows 10. I know how to install them both but how do I get it to give me an option of choosing which one I want on the BIOS start up screen?
Is there any guides on how to encrypt both the hard drives to prevent transfer of viruses between them as they will both be connected at the same time?

Thanks a lot for your help