Question Dual monitor problem

M05K The Laden

Mar 5, 2017
Hello, I've bought a new screen which uses Display Port, and the old one uses DVI, the problem I have is when turning on the PC it boots first on the old monitor which uses DVI and them changes to the new one which uses DP. Theres anyway to change this? On bios or windows? I want want always the new monitor to boot first.


not really, there is an order of operations and order of importance with your connections. if looking directly at the back of the GPU, the plug furthest to the left is the one to get priority for the BIOS post.
If there is a DVI port above the other ports, then it is the first to get signal.

Only way around this is to use some kind of adapter that adapts HDMI or DP to a DVI connection, and plug the older monitor in that way to make it the second one in priority
Oct 13, 2020
As others have said, this is controlled in hardware by the graphics card and you cannot change it, only change where things are plugged in.

This as you know changes once you enter Windows, you can change which one is Monitor 1 and which is Monitor 2 so this really is only an issue for the BIOS/UEFI.

DVI >>> HDMI adapters are available, I have and use one. Adapters "may" be limited to the resolution / refresh rate so check that before buying. I assume that your old monitor doesn't have a HDMI/DP port that you forgot about (I did that once, only ever once).


Sorry, I tired to make it simple, but basically, any legacy adapter like DVI will always be priority #1 with every thing else following afterwards.
And with the other types (DP and HDMI) going from left to right on the plugs is higher to lower priority.

There is no way to change which screen the BIOS shows up on unless you hack the BIOS of the graphics card and change it, (assuming it wasn't hard coded in) or you get a DP/HDMI to DVI adapter so that you can plug the DVI monitor into one of the DP/HDMI ports to the right of the other monitor that is plugged in (making sure the other monitor is the the left of any other monitor in the lineup of plugs)

As stated by someone else though, this is only for the boot up/splash screen of the BIOS, after that, in Windows, you can set which monitor is primary so that your main task bar and login screen etc. are all on the monitor you want them to be.
It's just going to be the startup that shows on the legacy connection first when booting the PC.