Dumb question? maybe?

No, it doesn't.
You can trick the psu into thinking that it is connected to a motherboard by shorting the pwr_OK wire with a ground.
It's a simple DOA test, shown in the link I provided.

It's also how we fill and leak test watercooling loops without having the entire system powered on.
Slow down

paper clip method!
touch the paperclip to die....

Yeah, Corsair is willing to open itself up for a wrongful death suit.
I guess if one were stupid enough to slice open thier chest, break thru the breast bone and touch the paperclip to thier heart Corsair really couldn't be held responsible though


Sep 25, 2011

Yes I know this. I was just trying to make the point that the psu needs to think its plugged in otherwise it won't work.