Dvd drive does not recognize dvd disks


Aug 28, 2012
my dvd driver does not play dvd when i insert a dvd it is not play and dvd size show zero byte. i have used nec nd 6650a driver
DO NOT install free "fix it" tools from the internet.
Trust the manufacturer software and signed software ONLY.
More than 80% of the "free" tools on the internet are FAKE.
Remember you are warned about these scams.

The driver is lost by an update, so turn automatic updates OFF.
The update is incompatible with older computers (it seems).
When the update is installed, the CD / DVD is no longer useable.
The update apparently corrupts or misplaces certain driver files...
The update corrupts the registry entries for the CD / DVD drivers.
This problem has been reported hundreds of times. This exact same problem has occurred on my (older) computer.

(the problem has never occurred on my newer builds, with QC processors...)
This is how I solved the problem on my older computer:

There are at least 3 methods. You have to decide which one works better for you.
My most preferred method is listed first.

Method One: (turn off automatic updates before doing this)

1. Turn off the antivirus and firewall. Turn off any security you have installed.
2. Set the bios to boot the CD / DVD drive first
3. Put the Win XP install disk in the drive and start the computer
4. Proceed with the "repair" installation of Win XP
5. The directions are posted at the top of this (Tom's) XP Forum. "Repairing XP"

This reloads the OS without erasing your personal files and programs.
The missing driver will also be reloaded, and the CD drive will work again.
Note: If updates are turned on, the incompatible update may be automatically installed AGAIN.
This will AGAIN disable the CD / DVD drive.
Check your hardware manufacturers for a list of incompatible updates.

Method 2: Registry Editor
(this won't work on all computers, but it's worth a try)


Method 3: System Restore
The Hard Drive can be turned back to a time before the problem occurred.
However, this may or may not work.
You may need to try several restore points before you find the one that works.
(not all restore points are useable)