Aug 27, 2020
I have a 10 year old blu ray drive (Samsung SH-B123L) that reads discs typically at a 10x speed in one spot on my computer. On the second spot, I replaced a DVD-RW drive (that read on average at around a 5x speed) with a new Blu Ray RW drive (LG WH14NS40) that, in theory, should be able to read a dvd at 14x speed. However, I'm still only able to read at a ~5x speed on this new drive.

I have updated all drivers on my computer. I have swapped SATA cables and (both sata 3) ports and the drives still performed the same (10x on the old blu ray drive and 5x on the new blu ray rw drive using the same dvd). I can't figure out why the new drive can't read to a similar speed as my old drive and what I can do to improve speeds. Any settings change suggestions?
Well - then the older drive is probably simply better made. Not uncommon these days to make CD/DVD/BD drives very cheap.