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  1. Q

    Question Non functional DVD drive

    Hi all I run win 7 on a dc5800 hp desktop. lately my DVD drive has stopped working and is able to read neither DVD nor CD though it make a gurr noise when a disc is inserted. I usually don't use it for burning any discs. Occasionally the dvd icon on left of explorer disappears and the icon on...
  2. Y

    Question How do i insert a dvd disc into this old samsung dvd driver on my desktop?

    I never used this dvd rom before and now i am trying to install windows 10 from a disc. But i cant find the correct way to insert the dvd. There isn't a holder in the center like the most of the laptops dvd rom has where the disc easily sits. There is no such holder in the center and i also...
  3. M

    Question Do newer pc cases not support internal bluray/dvd burner?

    Do newer pc cases not support internal bluray/dvd burners?I want to be able to continue using my current pc's bluray burner with the new custom pc I will build, but it seems to me most of the new pc cases do not have a bay for an internal optical drive. Is there a way to make it possible with a...
  4. Gayan1995

    Question Mobile DVD

    Hi, I have bought a Mobile DVD Drive, but it can connect only with a type c cable. but my phone is micro B so is there any solution to connect with my phone? Thank you.
  5. W

    Question CD/DVD player plays music but not installation disk

    My CD/DVD player runs, plays music anyway, but not installation disk. I just built this system and brought the player in from the previous build. It ran the MOB install disk originally but now it will not run any installation disk that I've tried. The drive shows up in BIOS and under the...
  6. AaronChi

    [SOLVED] Onkyo TX-NR609: Connecting DVD player to Zone 2 Question

    Hello AV experts, I have an Onkyo TX-NR609 A/V receiver. I can't get my DVD player (Pioneer HTZ-424DVD) to work on zone 2. I am using RCA (Red and white) cables for my connection. (Line out of my receiver and line in over my DVD player.) Just followed this manual...
  7. mrmike16

    [SOLVED] Dell Studio 1558 DVD slot not accepting discs

    Hi everyone, This is a weird problem for me. I have two options for a DVD drive, both detected and up to date according to Windows 10's Device Manager. Both of them refuse to take a disc. The one built in to the laptop, if the disc is in almost all the way (because it isn't taking the disc...
  8. OzDrDj

    Question BluRay - DVD - CD Drives won't open under Windows 10 but they work ?

    Ok, I've had this problem for quite a while, but Since I haven't been using the drives much anymore, you just sort of forget about these things. But now...... Currently Connected to my system is an LG MoDisc BluRay/DVD/CD combo Drive, but the same happens for any other [optical] drive i connect...
  9. clifftam

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 does not recognize USB DVD drive

    Hi everyone, Whenever I plugged in a USB DVD rom into my laptop, Win 10 does not recognize it. I don't see the DVD-drive in my computer. I tried device manager -> scan for changes and nothing happens. Has anyone exp this? Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks.
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Help burning a home video to a DVD

    I recently recorded some of my old home video VHS taps and now have an mp4 file for them. I want to transfer them into a disc/DVD but am having issues doing so. I tried just using the built-in Windows 10 burning "program" but after it is done it doesn't seem to work in any of my DVD players in...
  11. O

    [SOLVED] UBS and or SDHC to DVD

    Hello, Wasn't sure where to post this but I'm looking for a device that can burn DVD's from a USB thumb drive or a SDHC card. Does this exist?
  12. P

    [SOLVED] DVD Drive Read Speeds

    I have a 10 year old blu ray drive (Samsung SH-B123L) that reads discs typically at a 10x speed in one spot on my computer. On the second spot, I replaced a DVD-RW drive (that read on average at around a 5x speed) with a new Blu Ray RW drive (LG WH14NS40) that, in theory, should be able to read...
  13. castedbounds

    [SOLVED] Question about Molex to SATA cables

    I am aware of the old adage "Molex to SATA, lose all your data." but I don't have enough money for a good PSU at the moment, so I have no choice but to use one of these adapters. I understand that I should buy the punchdown-type cables instead of the molded ones since the latter always ends up...
  14. jamaloo

    [SOLVED] CD ROM Drive Manufacturer?

    Hi, I have two CD ROM Drives. Following information is available in device manager: 1 - PLDS-DVD+-RW DU-8A5LH usb device 2 - TSSTcorp DVD+RW SU-208GB upon some search i found that TSSTcorp stands for TOSHIBA SAMSUNG STORAGE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION. Does it mean that this drive was made with...
  15. stormman34

    [SOLVED] Problems installing Windows 7 on Samsung notebook

    Hello. I'm having problems installing Windows 7 on Samsung NP700Z5A. For the full story i'll put it in a spoiler. Long story short: When I try to install Win 7 via USB then it wants a USB driver and the one from Samsung website doesn't work. When I try to install Win 7 via DVD then it turns the...
  16. Shock34

    [SOLVED] Issues with legacy IDE drive.

    I have little experience with legacy hardware, so please excuse my confusion. So long story short, I don't want to buy a new DVD drive. I'll never use it and it's not worth my investment. I do have an old, legacy Sony DVD ROM (circa 2006). The older DVD drive utilises an IDE connector (of...
  17. B

    [SOLVED] How to watch a DVD thru Win 10 laptop onto Roku TV

    I can play a DVD using VLC on my WIndows 10 laptop. However, I can't see the display on my ROKU TV, either with a HDMI connection to the laptop or streaming via Chromecast. Any ideas or suggestions?
  18. Z

    [SOLVED] External CD/DVD drive doesn't recognize blank DVD's

    I just bought a new external usb CD/DVD drive to burn ISO files onto blank DVD's, Windows recognizes it, it plays CD's and DVD's just fine, but once i insert a blank DVD windows just asks to insert a disc and doesn't recognize the empty DVD. I tried reinstalling the drivers of it, tried using...
  19. R

    Question Can't use read two DVDs at once but Blu Ray is fine.

    Hi, I have two blu-ray drives in my computer. A Pioneer BDR-209D and a Pioneer BDR-211M. I have an unsual issue where I can't put two DVDs/CDs in the machine at once. If I put Blu Ray discs into the drives it works fine. But when I put in a CD or DVD it will read one and but not the other. It...

    [SOLVED] Watching dvds on laptop, via usb dvd drive. Is there any benefit from buying a DVD player?

    I've recently started watching some old dvds. I've been watching them on a USB dvd drive connected to my laptop, then thats connected to my TV. I've been using VLC media player. Would there be any benefit from buying a dvd player? some advertise as being able to upscale? or am i already getting...
  21. H

    [SOLVED] Can not install windows

    Hi, I have just finished my new build and I am unable to boot from USB or DVD to install windows 10. I have disabled fast boot and secure boot and have tried a couple Windows 10 iso's on both USB and DVD, i have also tried changing the boot sequence in bios, all i get is a black screen with the...
  22. Z

    [SOLVED] Issue with old DVD

    I have a DVD from 2006 and in that disk i got some game screenshots that i had burned,the issue is that it looks like that it was written and only 1 game was saved and my 2nd game folder doesnt exist anymore,is there anyway of going "deep" in the dvd and extract "invisible" files? i havent used...
  23. G

    [SOLVED] Can't play shop-brought DVDs using VLC media player

    I can never play shop-brought DVDs using VLC media player on Windows. Do I need to install an extra something to make the DVDs play?
  24. K

    [SOLVED] Can I assign my DVD drive to A or B

    Drives A and B are no longer needed for floppy drives. I was wondering if I can use those drive letters as my Blu-Ray drive or a USB Thumb Drive. Will I get unpredictable results or run into any problems with Windows or applications? Thank you
  25. M

    [SOLVED] Device Manager not showing DVD/CD

    I connected an external CD-ROM but my Windows 10 PC is not recognizing it. I googled and found that people are saying I have to go to device manager and click "DVD/CD" But as you can see from this screenshot DeviceManager, there is no such thing. What should I do?
  26. thebriki

    Question Problem with my blue-ray DVD not burning cd

    hi i have problem with my dvd writer blue-ray,not burning,but reading disk. When is burning he say finished,cd is blank not have files. What is Problem,please help me please,it is problem with lens in dvd laser? How to clean lens in dvd blue-ray in laptop? Thanks
  27. B

    [SOLVED] External DVD player won't load DVDs

    My external DVD player won't load DVDs. When I put a disc in the player and plug it to my pc it sees the disc just fine but when I try to open it, it just loads forever and the file explorer might become unresponsive. The DVD player does work on my laptop.
  28. G

    Question Special Laptop Troubleshoot(Lenovo B560 power led blinking, No display)

    So here's the whole story. I was trying to repair this laptop i.e. Lenovo B560. It had lagging issues. The way it was lagging, I was pretty sure it was cause of tons of viruses in it. So I started installing a fresh windows on it. And after that, when I was about to install the antivirus, I...
  29. C

    Question External Dvd Burner Advise

    hello everybody I need to get an external dvd burner as frequently use them to store things and I also make dvds to watch on a dvd player and I recently upgraded my case and my new one dosent support internal ones and advise. id also like to keep the price low and was thinking about getting...
  30. V

    Question Why my laptop becomes slow when using the caddy even the ssd is installed

    Hi, I have recently installed Kingston a400 120gb SSD on my laptop( Dell Vostro 1540). Which is running on the Intel 1st gen core i3 after installing the SSD I have noticed performance improvement of about 50% and I am very happy with the performance of my laptop. But then I feel I am losing on...
  31. OniichanGlenn

    Question 600$ PC build that can be use 24/7

    Good day. Can someone help me build a compelete pc set up that can be use 24/7. Im an encoder and i need to open atleast 20 chromes app 24/7. My budget is 600$. Thanks. And also I prefer an amd ryzen 3 2200g. Thanks
  32. jacob68

    Question Weird pump RGB LED issue Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R

    Okay, not the end of the world, but this behavior suddenly started a few days ago and I cant figure it out. Specs and setup, trying to make it brief: Asus rog strix Z390 E-gaming mobo. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R. Built a new system 3 weeks ago including the above. The led connectors from...
  33. H

    Question Capacitor snapped from motherboard

    So this evening, i changed my pc case but when i pull my GPU from my motherboard I ran into this small capacitor and it snapped.When i try to power on it doesnt do anything.My motherboard is called H61M-P31/W8.Im really poor now so is there any way that my pc can power back on? At the top of...
  34. Violett

    [SOLVED] Wich type of towel is adequate to clear thermal compound already applied ?

    Hello guys. I want to swap my I9 9900k CPU, wich is already installed in the socket with an stock air cooler, ( the system is brand new), to another motherboard. The question is wich is the best type of towel adequate for clear the thermal compound ? I saw on the Internet that the most type of...
  35. C

    Question Good Fan For Liquid Cooler Radiatior ?

    What would be a good fan for liquid cooler radiator are there any good rgb ones? My setup has all rgb fans and my liquid cooler radiator fan is not the best and it is bright blue which doesn't match my other rgb fans
  36. I

    [SOLVED] Is this cpu compatuble with this motherboard?

    Hi, I want to know if the AMD Athlon X4 950 is compatible with the Gigabyte B450M SH2. Thanks.
  37. B

    [SOLVED] What should I upgrade?

    I have a custom built PC that I maxed out as much as I could when I built it, but this was about 6 years ago now. I upgraded to a 1080Ti to be able to play at 3440x1440 - games like Overwatch run great, but newer more demanding games like The Division 2 aren't as smooth as I would have hoped...
  38. L

    Question Laptop going to sleep at 83 degrees

    My laptop is the Asus Fx502VM, bought it about a year and a half ago. When I first got it and I did not know about undervolting (which greatly improved my temps) I would game with the laptop running at around 85-90 degrees Celsius. Fast forward to today and my laptop never goes above 86 degrees...
  39. Kazoka122

    Question Recovering lost data on SSD after swap with faster one?

    Good Morning Yesterday I installed a Samsung SSD 970 PRO 512GB and moved my Windows OS on to that one from my older Samsung SSD 850 EVO. However, during the process I forgot to backup another user profile which had important files. I'm sure I deleted the partitions for the older one so are my...
  40. I

    Question Case swapping?

    I’m new to the whole “building” aspect of PC’s and was wondering how hard would it be to swap my system from the case it was built in from cyberpowerpc to one with better airflow? The temps I get in my current case I think are far above normal and want something that has better cool ability.